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I Finally Did It!!.... (PICS)



  • Keys1980
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    edited February 2013
    Thanks so much for all the positive feedback everyone. I really was just messing about with my giant Homer portrait.

    Ugh, now what to do with 32 friend requests in less than 12 hours and 2 open spots? Lol if anybody ever needs friends may I sujest making a shrubbery portrait and posting it to this forum as it has been the most effective way to get requests quickly that I have found. :wink:

    My apologies to those who I don't add, my list is rather full of great Springfield's and active every day players. I feel so evil cutting people and bad turning down those who are interested in what I'm up to. Rock and a hard place.

    I had an epiphany this morning on what to do with another building that has been a bother to me. If my wife insists on watching something terrible on tv tonight I may make it happen and update here.

    Until then thanks again all :D
  • jblaze013
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    edited February 2013
    That * is awesome
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