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Game Logs Me Off, Signing Back In Says Its On Another Device



  • empathy77 wrote: »
    There was an issue years back where people would log into the game and they would be in someone else's town. A good person would recognize that they were in the wrong town and leave the game. A bad person would spend all the donuts and sell back a whole bunch of buildings. This was a real issue then, I am hoping it wont happen this time. If there is a patch that is needed, please patch it.

    I don't know why I found this really funny?? I'm sure it was horrible and frustrating when it happened.

    It was terrible. That was back in the days when donuts would go on sale. I bought two boatloads. Someone else spent half of them. EA was spectacularly, laughably unhelpful, like oh wow they were the worst and in the end I just had to shrug and say "I guess I would have bought that stuff eventually anyway" and move on.

    Anyway, I am experiencing the issues others are describing here as well. Screenshotting my donut count regularly just in case, not that I think it will help if anything happens, but you have to try. (Every time I get logged out, when I log back IN my donuts go to zero until a resync.)
  • Same thing three times today
  • Huh. I kept having the problem but it was only happening when i would start the game (and it would tell me i was logged in to another decice). But just now it kicked me out in the middle of the game for the same reason....
  • niahunt
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    Keep getting the "logged out of EA" message - 4 times yesterday & 3 times already today.
  • wadebear wrote: »
    And it just happened to me again. Same game. I was dealing with my usual 7 to 10 PM kickouts and had to log back in on game 1.
    Do you have other devices running on your network during this time, or is it possible someone else could have accessed your network and are running Netflix or similar during this time? That can slow down your speed to the point you just get booted. Run a speed test, also there are Apps that will show you who's on your network.

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  • Update: nothing to add. It hasn't happened again after the one time. Odd that others are plagued by it as if the bug latched on to their account.
  • Happened to me too. I only play on one device (my phone).
    I only have one Springfield account.
  • Yup it happens to me
  • I've had the same thing 3 separate times now.

    Same happened to me - in two different towns, during the last few days. Was horrified till I chequed that everything seemed like when I last logged in.

  • Am I the only one that is having this happen repeatedly...and then when I do sign back in my donuts are down to zero??? I always immediately close the game and restart and then they come back...but it's still terrifying everytime...
  • Yah, it's started again. Takes a couple times to get in, too. It says there's been an issue authenticating the log in and I have to try again.
  • Yep, happened to me a couple of times early this evening (EST).
  • Been happening to me off and on for two days now. I don't see a reply as to any fix or what is being done to fix it. Anyboody?
  • 2014noname wrote: »
    Been happening to me off and on for two days now. I don't see a reply as to any fix or what is being done to fix it. Anyboody?

    I suspect that the issue is at EA's end and that there is nothing anyone on here can do about it as this is a user forum, also the fact that I've never seen a post on here directly from EA would suggest that it's highly unlikely that they will let us know if or when they are going to fix the problem.
  • 2nd time, yesterday.
  • Me again too....
  • This has been happening to me too recently. I'm glad to know it's not just me, but not so glad it is happening!
  • Mine seems to have finally stopped doing this. Is everyone eventually able to access their game or are some locked out?
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