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Where is that creepy little gnome???

I let him out right after the event, and have no idea where he's hiding. If I tap his box, I can hear his evil laugh.


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  • simp7fan
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    He's always on a road. You should be able to find him if you hide non-road in build mode.
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  • adruralo
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    shawn59736 wrote: »
    I let him out right after the event, and have no idea where he's hiding. If I tap his box, I can hear his evil laugh.
    Good luck in finding him, took me two weeks to recapture the gnome.

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  • I've still not found mine
  • only have seen mine 1 time since Holiday event, now i can't find my new Leprechaun :D
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  • Sheesh, I'm not letting mine out ever!
  • meinaz
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    I prefer for mine to be free. Nothing should be trapped in that little box. When I do find him or he just reappears in the box, I let him go again.
  • I accidentally tapped the box, not knowing I was letting him out. Took me a month to find the little bugger. He is now resting comfortably in my storage, and I have no trouble at all finding him.
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  • slayer59a393
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    When you say road. Do you mean the black road? As pretty much all of my towns roads are the halloween 40 donut one. And i can't find him :/

    Edit: Nevermind i FINALLY found him. On the small bit of original road :)
  • Missing for 8 days and counting. Has he befouled the water supply in that time? Probably.
  • Still can't see him. I've hid everything apart from roads and characters and still no joy. This little bugger is hard to find. Anyone got tips apart from hiding things?
  • If you let him out in a friends town, does that actually let him out in their town?
  • While I was searching for him I had David Bowie's laughing gnome song stuck in my head. Oh and I thought I'd share this pic


  • Why oh why did I just read that, now I've got the song stuck in my head too
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  • Chant it while looking for the gnome!!!!! Little bugger came right out sleeping on a main road corner while I was singing it!
    Still giggling and let him right back out!
    @HomerND84 that was evil in artistry posting!!
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • I let mine out a week before the tourist event started. I still haven't found him. I think he is hiding in Other Springfield.
  • JimJ321
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    I like him. Happy tapping
  • He might be hiding with Maurice. I got everything in the last event and I've never seen that mule in my Springfield.
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