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Does anyone know what our next quest will be?

Excited to find out what's next


  • No clue
  • EA programmers, I would think.
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  • wiedmannaj wrote: »
    EA programmers, I would think.

    Maybe, but then management doesn't always keep everyone in the loop. :D
  • Rich0913
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    Either another 2 week mini event or tie-in, or an event
  • One source has reported it's a Kevin Hart event where he was given complete control over the scripting of the thought bubbles.
  • Maybe an Easter Bundle from Gil ?
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    The Quest For Stuff!? :D
  • Rich0913
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    edited March 2017
    AARONRTD wrote: »
    The Quest For Stuff!? :D

    Ya, maybe power rangers :D

  • Its going to be Halloween in March special event.
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  • Earth day is the 22nd, and the 26th is hug an Australian day and week 2 is garden week, and the month is lawn and garden month. So maybe they will have an event dealing with beautifying SF Australian style.
  • 6359582949260440011628165349_giphy.gif
  • I could go for a retro event since we already had a future one.
  • adruralo
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    edited March 2017
    Most probably next is some sort of Easter event.
    I thought maybe casino 2, as casino was just over a year ago.
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  • I hope we have a decent Easter event this year.
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    2012 Thanksgiving
    2012 Christmas
    2013 Valentine's Day
    2013 St. Patrick's Day
    2013 Whacking Day
    2013 4th July
    2013 Treehouse of Horror XXIV
    2013 Thanksgiving
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    2014 Super Bowl
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    Going by this list of past events I'd say probably Easter. But I'm not putting money on it.
  • Pagan Easter
    DeesToonTown in Crawl to the Finish #The Grumple Is Free!
  • Pagan Baseball opener
    Ah, just throw it over the fence. Let Arby's worry about it.
  • Pagan Easter

    Which is just Easter.
  • To search for the Holy Grail!
  • bluntcard
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    I could go for a retro event since we already had a future one.

    What a great idea.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
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