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Another long event?!

Don't get me wrong, it looks like a fairly tight event (It's not knocking my socks off yet, but there are a few characters I really want and it looks like it's going to be at least amusing to play), but for six freaking weeks?! Really?!

Even a really good event just drags at the end of 30 days. The last last couple of events were only month long ones, so I thought we were over this whole "padding the event out well past it being enjoyable" thing.

Personally, I would have much rather had a week off, a little week long easter event, then the main event instead of mashing them together and stretching it out for two extra weeks.


  • complaining about new content too soon?

    wow, i thought i'd seen it all!
  • KrustyBrand
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    jellypawn wrote: »
    complaining about new content too soon?

    wow, i thought i'd seen it all!

    You almost have to feel a bit sorry for the TSTO developers. On the one hand you have the users who start complaining if more 24 hours elapse without an event of some sort; then, once an event is launched there are those who start complaining that they go on for too long.

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  • I don't know, I have to agree with the OP. No complaints about the content, just EA's pattern of having major events run 6 weeks. It just burns me out too. Didn't events from years back last like 4 weeks? That seemed much better.
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  • I don't mind having these 6 week events because that way we won't get frequent mini events and tie ins, which always cost more in donuts.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • Yeah I don't care. Im sure it's all driven by the release calendar that they plan six months out. They've been keeping up busy with spaced out breaks. Longer events tend to have more baked in downtime and/or bonus chances. Plus I like how each act starts on rail.... er um I mean Tuesday. Works better with my work/life schedule.
  • adruralo
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    Personally I'm happy with the length of this event, spy event appears to be a good one.
    The only negative so far is the grinding because of the lack of schematics. Hoping this improves shortly.
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  • simp7fan
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    Yeah, 30 is better than 40, but still we're yet to see if it actually drags on. If we attempt to enjoy it as it is then we might enjoy it despite its length. Who knows.
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