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Is Hank Scorpio's lair smaller

I bought Hank Scorpio at the start of this event due to the awesome discount. Is his lair much smaller than it used to be? I could have sworn it was much bigger when I visited neighboring towns that had them in past years.


  • Nope it's the same. I will say it is one of the few buildings where the footprint changed when you rotate it. Maybe that's part of what you're noticing.
  • Ok, thank you...could have sworn it was double the size!
  • Out of curiosity, how much did you buy it for?
  • I also bought it at the start of the event, because of the discount and it is one of the premium buildings I have ALWAYS wanted. I'm stingy with donuts. Think it was 40 donuts back??
  • nitespark wrote: »
    Out of curiosity, how much did you buy it for?

    For people like me who were not around to buy it the first time, a bundle containing Hank Scorpio, his volcano lair and the Mastermind skin is on sale for 160D with a 40D rebate so a net cost of 120D
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