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Krustyland 2 update incoming with Spoilers (to some)

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Krustyland 2 - Levels 940-945. You wanted it and we finally listened. Here's the next new and last (again) levels, so it doesn't interfere with the current event and you can play it at leisure so no rush. Hope you enjoy all our hard work and have fun.

List of Countries Not Eligible for update
Due to licensing issues, the following countries not eligible for the latest update:

Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Afghanistan.  

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

All new Monorail station
Collect red blueprints to make additions to the station and make rails to go around Krustyland


1. Krusty clown college - formerly Willie Nelson's house and billboards

2. Krustyland Main Street ("The America of 1895 at Today's Prices!")

3. Get Probed by Kang and Kodos!

4. Itchy and Scratchy Land Main Entrance

5. The Screamatorium of Dr. Frightmarestine

6. Krusty's One-Plate-Maximum Buffet / Nelson's mom and father


7. Krusty's Waterless Waterslide

8. Poochie's Half-Pipe ("Warning: Pipe may be less than one-half")

9. Krusty's Giant Wheel ("Not affiliated with "Ferris Wheel" brand amusement wheels")

10. Scratchy's Cat-anooga Spew-Spew / Dracula

11. Apu's Concession Stand


12. Scratchy's Flea-Dip Dipper-Flipper ("Voted Krusty's Worse Ride!")

13. Krusty's Spit 'n' Watch Aerial Gondolas

14. Krusty's Wet-and-Smokey Stunt Show / Frankenstein

15. Captain Dinosaur's Pirate Rip-off

16. Happy Little Elves in Panda-Land


17. The Tilt 'N' Spew

18. The Change-Loser

19. The Krusty Karousel / Oompa Loompa

20. Krusty's L.A. Traffic Jam

21. The Dragon Boat Ride


22. Castle-Resembling Stadium

23. Gazebo just north of the Dragon Boat Ride / Count Fudgula

24. It's a Long, Long Line!

25. Madam Manjula's Future Looker-After

26. Moe's Tunnel of Shame and Rejection
27. Krusty's Deathbowl Jalopy Rush ("Race your friends to Krusty-infornia!")

28. Krusty's Futuristic Rootin' Tootin' BBQ Review 3000! / The great Mesmerino

29. Sea Captain's Quesy-Time Lagoon Ride

Unreleased content

A new wheel
Mr. Burns radioactive rings
Help Santa's Little Helper
Wild and Willie
Dunk or Flunk
Thar She Throws
Strike 3
Krusty clown car with clowns coming out

You do not want to see this!
really? I can't believe you looked
are you sure
are you really sure
i can't believe your still looking
ok then but don't tell a soul
April Fools


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