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Secret Agents: Prizes Walkthrough

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E.P.A. Truck

Auto starts

Russ Cargill: Stand aside, the E.P.A. has arrived!
Ralph: I ee-pee-yayed in my pants!
Russ Cargill: That's E.P.A. and it stands for Environmental Protection Agency.
Ralph: That doesn't change anything. Especially my pants.

Cappuccino Royale

Auto starts

Squeaky Voice Teen: We offer one free espresso with every enemy intel drop-off.
Squeaky Voice Teen: It helps to keep our agents wired... and wired!


Auto starts

Wise Guy: We specialize in replacement parts, upgrades, paint, and detailing.
Homer: What about dents?
Wise Guy: Dents we don't do. That's why we spell it “Dentz”. We're hoping it avoids confusion.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 1

Agent Bont starts

Agent Johnson: Sorry to call you out of retirement, Agent Bont, but we've lost contact with your successor. His last call-in was here in Springfield.
Agent Bont: A debonair super-spy, hanging out in a dump like this? Pigsties DO make perfect covers.
Agent Johnson: We're short on time, so your first task will be check the agent's last known location.
Agent Bont: I'd have been here sooner, but I had to renew my license to kill and the lines at city hall on a Friday before a three-day weekend are deadly.
Agent Johnson: We're in luck. We know that he was staying in a brown house. There can't be many of those...

Task: Make Agent Bont Search Brown Houses [x3]
Time: 1h
Location: Brown House

Agent Bont: How now brown house? I just wanted to say that. Now, we've uncovered the place, but we've also uncovered trouble. People kept breaking in for one reason or another.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 2

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: Undergarments, charge card receipts, used prophylactics... This agent of yours was either a playboy or an avant-garde performance artist.
Agent Johnson: He was hot on the trail of the nefarious mastermind, Nojob.
Agent Bont: Or did you mean, hot on the TAIL?
Agent Johnson: No, I didn't mean that at all.
Agent Bont: More like hot on the tail. It looks like he was about to meet with an informant: a Miss Jenny Talia.
Agent Johnson: It's our only lead. You'll have to make that meeting, Agent Bont. But approach with care, lest you arouse Jenny Talia's... suspicions.

Task: Make Agent Bont Find Jenny Talia
Time: 4h
Location: Blue House

Agent Bont: I've penetrated every crack and crevice, but there's no sign of Jenny Talia.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 3

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: I'm afraid there's no treasure at the end of this trail.
STEM-antha: Then it's time to cache out, Agent Bont.
Agent Bont: Domi-Matrix! I thought I heard CPU fans.
STEM-antha: Care to input any last words, Mr. Bont?
Agent Bont: Only that I die in the flash drive light of your beautiful LED eyes.

Task: Make Agent Bont Seduce Domi-Matrix
Time: 60s
Location: Blue House

STEM-antha: All I've ever known is 1's and 0's, but with you I've coded a 2.

From Springfield With Love Pt. 4

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: Control, I've turned an enemy agent and she's revealed the location of Nojob's secret golden lair.
Agent Johnson: Excellent, Agent, but you're going to need more than your gold-plated gun. Procure your equipment from F before engaging.

Task: Make Agent Bont Visit "F"
Time: 4h
Location: Frink's Lab or Brown House

Professor Frink: Here's your exploding pen -- you'll need the pocket protector, X-ray specs -- above the waist only! And a boomerang moustache, with the whooshing and return trip to the lip.
Agent Bont: And what about this teddy bear, F? I suppose it's some sort of plushie gas grenade?
Professor Frink: Good glavin, don't touch Teddy Tetrahedran!
Professor Frink: ...he's the only thing that keeps me agah-giga-gah-hoyvan-SANE!

From Springfield With Love Pt. 5

Agent Bont starts

Agent Bont: I'm armed, dangerous, my tuxedo is back from the dry cleaners and I'm ready to infiltrate Nojob's evil lair.
Lampwick: Let me save you that trouble, Agent Bont.
Agent Bont: Nojob! Eat moustache!
Lampwick: Thanks to F, your boomerang moustache is no more than a low-level lip doily.
Agent Bont: Double-crossed by a crumb catcher?! Who could have guessed?! I suppose I should have.

Task: Make Bont Struggle in a Death Trap
Time: 4h
Location: Death Table

Lampwick: What the?! How did you escape?
Agent Bont: Your first mistake was leaving me alone after explaining your entire evil plan. Other mistakes were made, but that one sticks out.
Chester Lampwick: I don't tell you how to be handsome; so don't tell me how to trap an agent.
Agent Bont: The only trap you should worry about is prison - and then planning your inevitable escape.

Secret Agent Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Cheap Intel [x5000]
Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Twelve-Day Dry Cleaners

Auto starts

Marge: I'd like to drop off this dress for cleaning, please. How long will it take?
Wise Guy: Maybe a half-hour.
Marge: Wow, I had no idea it would be so quick! I'll be back in thirty minutes!
Wise Guy: I wouldn't do that. It's a half-hour to clean but it's twelve days for pick-up. The cleaning is done overseas. Your dress is gonna see the world!

Lava Machine

Auto starts

Hank Scorpio: I love this lava machine! It's quick, convenient, and I can get whatever type of lava I want at the touch of a button!
Hank Scorpio: ...I guarantee, my instant lava stands up to lava brewed up from the bowels of the earth.

You Only Own Twice

Auto starts

Moe: Cool, a store where I can get money for all my old crap!
Homer: Or trade it in for a load of completely new old crap!

The Sound of Two Lips Flapping Pt. 1

Wayne Slater starts

Wayne Slater: Someone is after me, I can tell. Is it another government agent looking to reprogram my mind again? Or someone else?
Wayne Slater: I need to lay low, disappear into a mundane life. Something mind-numbing and utterly forgettable.
Apu: Welcome to the Kwik-E-Mart! Your smock and mop are in a locker in the back.
Snake: Hands up or prepare to die, losers!
Wayne Slater: Ugh! My black ops past keeps catching up with me.
Apu: Don't worry, my newest employee. This is just a usual Tuesday afternoon.

Task: Make Wayne Slater Have a Dangerous Flashback
Time: 1h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

The Sound of Two Lips Flapping Pt. 2

Wayne Slater starts

Wayne Slater: Where am I? What happened? All I remember is being chased by some shadowy agent...
Barney: Do you need a hand, Mr. Secret Agent Man?
Wayne Slater: I'm in danger. There's someone after me. Do you know what that feels like?
Barney: Boy, do I!
Barney: Lemme show you a great way to escape!

Task: Make Wayne Slater Drink at Moe's
Time: 4h
Location: Moe's Tavern
If the user has Barney: Requires: Barney

The Sound of Two Lips Flapping Pt. 3

Wayne Slater starts

Wayne Slater: Why are we still drinking?
Barney: The question is: why does anyone ever stop drinking?
Wayne Slater: I see. You're right. I shouldn't try to eliminate my past. I should embrace it.
Barney: What? No, I was just saying we should keep drinking! *BURRRRRPPPP...*

Task: Make Wayne Slater Practice Martial Arts
Time: 8h

The Sound of Two Lips Flapping Pt. 4

Wayne Slater starts

Wayne Slater: I believe I've achieved new heights in my mastery of deadly skills. I'm ready for the next step.
Barney: Would that be more drinking?
Wayne Slater: No. It's time to embrace all my training at once!
Barney: Uh, okay. Wake me when your training gets to sitting at Moe's and hoisting beers.

Task: Make Wayne Slater Awaken the Sleeper Agent
Time: 4h

The Sound of Two Lips Flapping Pt. 5

Wayne Slater starts

Wayne Slater: Why have you been following me?!
Roger Myers Jr.: Hey, lay off the lapels, pal.
Roger Myers Jr.: I want the rights to your life story. We want to make it into a series of webisodes.
Wayne Slater: I completely rebuilt my body and mind for... a TV series?
Roger Myers Jr.: Sure. If the ratings tank, we just rebuild your mind again so you never remember any of this!

Task: Make Wayne Slater Have 24 1-Hour Adventures
Time: 24h
Location: Brown House

Secret Agent Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Personal Intel [x5000]
Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Secret Agent Car

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Gah-hoy! This secret agent car is jam-packed full of gadgets, gizmos and glayvin-mabobs!
Professor Frink: It's got hydraulics that go uppity-up, tricky oil slicks and guns that go ka-boom and ka-blam!
Bart: Does it drive?
Professor Frink: I'm still working on that part...

Painless Dentistry

Auto starts

Dr. Nick: We take the pain out of your teeth-
Dr. Nick: -and put it in your wallet!

Knot What It Seams

Auto starts

Lisa: It's a tailor shop.
Lisa: Gimme a break... you try to pull off two puns in four words.

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 1

Stradivarius Cain starts

Homer: Stradivarius Cain?! You've come to me again! Or am I bleeding into my brain?
Stradivarius Cain: To you I may seem like a hallucination, but trust me, I'm a real person.
Homer: That's exactly what my hallucination would say. Prove that you're real!
Stradivarius Cain: Here's all the drunk-texts you sent me last night.
Homer: Yep, those do sound like me.

Task: Make Stradivarius Cain Polish His Golden Gun
Time: 1h
Location: Brown House
Task: Make Homer Drunk-Text Celebrities
Time: 1h
Location: Moe's Tavern

Homer: I called Rainier Wolfcastle and he said he's never heard of Stradivarius Cain. Then he said that I should never call him again.
Stradivarius Cain: Stradivarius is my character's name: like McBain is to Rainier.

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 2

Stradivarius Cain starts

Homer: So what's your real name?
Stradivarius Cain: Stradivarius Cain.
Homer: But you said --
Stradivarius Cain: I never break character: I'm method.
Homer: Didn't you just break character to explain that?
Stradivarius Cain: Umm... Stradivarius Cain will take no further questions!

Task: Make Stradivarius Be the Master of Disguises
Time: 12h

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: Lisa, could you call Daddy's doctor? I've been talking to imaginary people again.
Stradivarius Cain: I told you: just because you imagined me once, doesn't mean I'm not real.
Lisa: That's right, Mr. Cain.
Homer: Wait, Lisa, you see him too?! That means...
Homer: I hallucinated Lisa!

Task: Make Lisa Roll Her Eyes
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Stradivarius Cain Charm the Ladies
Time: 4h

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 4

Homer starts

Homer: First Cain, now Lisa… what's next: leprechauns, mermaids, “Two for One Night” at Moe's? Are all these things fantasies in my head?
Stradivarius Cain: Or maybe... all of your misbegotten adventures and horrible mishaps, where you've never gotten hurt...
Stradivarius Cain: ...makes one believe that YOU are imaginary!

Task: Make Homer Do a One Hour Spit Take
Time: 1h

For Your Eyes Only Pt. 5

Homer starts

Homer: I don't exist: I'm like Donald Trump's social media filter.
Stradivarius Cain: Not existing can be beneficial. You don't pay taxes and you can never get arrested.
Homer: I'd be a tax dodging, law-breaking god!
Stradivarius Cain: I wouldn't go so far as calling yourself--
Homer: I'M A GOD!

Task: Make Homer Go on a Drunken Rant
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home
Task: Make Stradivarius Cain Call the Cops
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson Home

Wiggum: Alright, Turner and Hooch: it's a night in the drunk tank for you.
Homer: You can't arrest what you can't see. I'm an illuuuuuusion!
Stradivarius Cain: Sorry, Homer, but you're not imaginary: you're flesh and bone... a helluva lot of flesh and a bit of bone.

Secret Agent Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Corporate Intel [x5000]
Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Yakuza Boss

Auto starts

Task: Take the Yakuza Boss Build Fight Drama
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home
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