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Early thoughts of the event

I for one am really enjoying this event. The carftables are ordinary enough to be used anywhere for decorating purposes, the prizes arent all wonky weird buildings/circular oddities, the pace seems manageable and there's enough side quest type activities that make you have to use a little strategy. I commend EA for the quality of this event! The premiums are so so in my opinion but thats ok. I kinda feel like I can save up for future premiums and pass on some of these and not feel bad about it. Contrary to popular opinion, I like that the schematics are a precious commodity. In the past events I've finished crafting with weeks left and end up with a ton of junky items in storage. How many haunted houses does one town need anyways? Looks like at the current rate I'll easily reach level 12 and have 1 of each item and a hefty amount of extras. For once in a long long time, it appears that I will still be motivated towards the end of the event to participate in crafting and event currency instead of looking forward to the takedown.

And bonuts galore! Anyone else clean up on act 1?! Hopefully the trend continues for the remaining acts!

My two cents. Cheers!
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  • rw228
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    I like this event more than recent ones, although the traveler event had good craftables as well. I wish I had more schematics though because there are a lot of craftables that I would like to use all over my town. I agree that this event makes me want to sign in far more often than some of the last ones.
  • This event is my new fave
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  • I like it. It's mellow. Love the craftables.
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  • I like how it's the same group of characters that earn event currency so we can send everyone else on their normal jobs.. 8 hrs during the day and 12 over night for me.
  • Its ok. I like a lot of the craftables are regular ordinary stuff that can be used all over your town. Not typical of most events, where everything is very "themed". It is here too, but the stuff fits in anywhere in town, also unlike most events (scifi event, this means you!). As for the story/theme, spys, superheroes and such arent my favorite, but its not bad at all.
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  • adruralo
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    Apart from the slow schematics to begin with this event is proving to be one of the winners. Nice prizes and good animated craftables.
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  • 4junk3000
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    i'm glad you're enjoying it!

    i thought the airport event was way better, but this is still fun, especially because i love James Bond, and i also enjoy the subtle parody of current US politics, (with the hacking, and the spying; glavin!)

    i have been struggling to get by and didn't get bonuts this act, but i'm used to the first act being harsh for a freemium player. but i did make it.

    - i don't like that i can't finish Bont's story line because i have him earning discs now.
    - i do like the bus stops and mailbox craftables, but i'm very unhappy i can't add as many of these items as i want because i'm at the max limit of features. i'm just crafting and storing, hoping a future limit increase lets me use them. i love a realistic town, and these kinda basic features are what make it cool. but i just removed every street light i had out, and i can't use these items in quantity either. =(

    - i LOVE the ATF van. that's the best prize so far. i hear the A-Team theme every time i see it. it would be AWESOME if that were its sound bite, but i bet that would have been expensive.

    i'm having a good time though, thanks for asking! happy tapping!
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  • I want more trees.

    Other than that, way fun.
  • Forgot to mention that bringing back the USS Tom Clancy and more land tokens only sweetened this event more!!!
    "I gave him a couple of blintzes to paint my fence but he never did it! "
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