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What is your multiplier?


  • All five of my towns are over 3000% thanks to all the help posted in this forum. I don’t keep a large stock of donuts just because it takes too much time and I like to keep all my towns about the same level and state of design (no, they’re not identical).

    For me this game has always been about designing and the fun story lines. If I miss the joke the first time I can catch the dialog in my next town :)
  • Okay. So last week I was a on multiplayer 129. When I placed all the Springfield Heights buildings, I went to 229.
    My day revenues increased from 378,000 to 670,000, with services of 12 hours.
    I therefore also see very well that the Multiplayer is the key to increasing income (IGC) and donuts.
    I did some MB and am now at 272.
    I don't think it has influence, if I complete the buildings of Springfield Heights or not. Isn't that right?
    Is it also true, ad this point, that the multiplayer can actually rearly grow with premium items?
    Which quickly costs 20 donuts per 1%.
    Or are there other solutions and tips?

    My goal is to reach level 939 and 1 bil. I play it for fun and to start disigning big. And i want my MP above 1000!

    I read that many of you have much higher MP’s... what is my next step? I farm 20 KEM, 4/5 rounds a day.

    Many...many Txs!!
  • I've started KEM farming and managed to get more than 9000 donuts in a few days. My KEM farm is quite huge (almost 600 donuts worth if 3 donuts each time). What would my multiplier need to be to get just one KEM to level up (using the xp collider)
  • @Ruudhvo keep increasing your Bonus, MB are the cheapest way at about 8 donuts per 1%. Also, your KEM farm could be bigger, 20 is small.

    @lloydearwa87 you would need OVER 9000% to level up with one KEM. At 1234% you can level up with one Rat Trap Truck. Seems to me like you are ready to switch from KEM to RTT.

    KEM calculator http://lwshost.com/tsto/kemcalc.pl
    Whoa, whoa, whoa – I only accept cash, bitcoin, or GameStop stock.
  • dwx3mwvtkhor.jpg
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
  • @frosted1414
    Txs for your tip!

    Plan is then, more KEM to get to 939 and MB’s. Money comes after that.
    Dos is matter if a SH building is compleet? For the Bonus?
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