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So what am I missing?

I have the Cracker Factory, I've completed the Investorettes Part 1, but the Fleeta-Pita remains stubbornly unavailable.

Any suggestions?


  • Does it say you need it
  • Errrr, yes
  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    It is supposed to be investorette's part 2. Have you tried storing the Cracker factory, go to Krustyland, and placing it again? This sometimes works with stuck quests. Edna starts the quest, so you may try storing the apartment and seeing if that works.
  • Stored both and Krustyland refreshed, unfortunately no change in the situation. Still locked unfortunately
  • I remember fleetapita not being immediately available when I bought the cracker factory. Keep doing the quests if possible. If not contact EA
  • Okay, its been a couple days but I don't mind giving it some time.
  • Appreciated for the help all.
  • Luann comes with several quest lines. "Money vs. Milhouse" needs to be complete to trigger "Investorettes", and Investorettes Pt. 2 requires the placement of a Fleet-a-Pita truck. The Fleet-a-Pita unlocks with the direction to place it. There is also a quest line triggered by both Helen Lovejoy and Luann called "The Real Investorettes", which does not require Money vs. Milhouse Pt. 5 to be completed and does not include the Fleet-a-Pita truck (just to add to the confusion).

    Basically, if you haven't yet received the direction to place a Fleet-a-Pita truck, don't worry about it. It shouldn't be unlocked yet. If you're stuck with the direction to place a truck (Investorettes Pt. 2, not "The Real Investorettes") and the truck is still locked, then you should do basic troubleshooting to sync your game. If that doesn't work, contact EA.
  • @00becker - much appreciated for posting. I'll see what happens when the other Luann quest is done. For the record though, investorettes started immediately after the cracker factory placement, and in parallel with the money vs Milhouse quest.

    Perhaps that's the real bug....

    Normal troubleshooting has been performed.
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