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When to delete neighbors?

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So my friend list has been the same for a very long time and I'm wondering how long people wait to delete neighbors that or inactive or don't visit?


  • bluntcard
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    Two weeks.
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  • meinaz
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    I usually just hide them. Once I have other people to replace with, then I will drop them. Many times I have had neighbors that will come back and play after a few weeks off.
  • If a neighbor goes 5-7 days without clearing their buildings I usually remove that neighbor from my list. I only ever keep 10-15 neighbors on my list so I don't have the numbers to absorb stragglers and part-time players. If they're a long-time dependable neighbor I'll most likely give them more leeway.
  • Since these events require logging in every 4 hours, I'll usually generously allow up to SIX hours of inactivity before I delete a neighbor.
  • BeLikeTheDude
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    I hang on to them like my pumpkin futures - til they are rancid piles left discarded on my doorstep to be picked through by squirrels and crows.

    Then I hide them.

    You only need a good quality list of 30 neighbors.
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  • More then an hour without playing and they're history. Everyone on my list must be just as insane as I am
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    February 29 you can delete with impunity.
  • From my point of view, people tend to over-think this issue. It’s not as though you have some moral obligation you need to fulfill or you’ve entered into a binding contract of some sort. If you want to delete ’em, just delete ’em. You don’t need anyone’s permission, nor is there some highly specific definition that definitively tells you when it’s okay to jettison someone.
  • ^ True, it's not difficult to find more friends if needed.
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  • Probably half my neighbors haven't played in six months or more. Many haven't played in over a year. I can usually tell by what level they are because pretty much every neighbor I had was at the top level when I added them. Some are still perpetually at level 40 something.

    Most of my neighbors were added during Wacking Day way back. I still have enough active ones where I've just been hiding the inactive ones. I did once have a neighbor come back after a very lengthy hiatus and now he is back to playing every day. He was my egg buddy for Wacking Day, so I didn't want to delete him.

    Honestly, for many of the recent events, a neighbor doesn't even have to be active for you to benefit from a neighbor visit. And you can pretty much finish any event without neighbor visits at all.
  • Question: Why hide neighbors? For what reason? You're not doing them any good by hiding them. Why not just delete them?
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • Yeah I just delete em too. I don't have a specific timeframe, though. I clean up during events like this when I run out of things to tap during visits.
  • meinaz
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    I hide neighbors that have been inactive, because I don't feel like deleting them right away. I have a full neighbor list, so it isn't a big deal to lose a couple for a time. If they come back, then I can unhide them. I have had some really good neighbors quit playing for a couple weeks and come back, so I like to give that opportunity to my neighbors.
  • I only check on my neighbor's activity if their town fills up (i.e., uncleared tapped buildings, which prevents me from tapping for money/xp/resources) ... I don't record who visits me and I know many of my neighbors visit every day while others have never visited. But if I go to a neighbor's town and can't find a building to tap, I go to the friend's list and check to see how long it's been since that neighbor logged in ... if it says anything more than a couple days out they go. (To be fair, since I only check them after their town fills up, it's usually that they've been inactive for a couple weeks).

    If they ain't playing, then it's costing me time and frustration ... I go into a neighbor's town to tap a building and have to spend 5 minutes searching every square inch of their Springfield and Krustyland looking for a building to tap, and there's nothing available for me? Them thar's a bad neighbor, and I ain't got no time for bad neighbors.
  • I hide them, then if I either find someone whose town sounds like it might interest me or they do, I'll ask to add them.
    If there is nothing left to tap for days on end, I hide them, only bump the ones that haven't played for months.
    This event has been pretty boring for lots obviously because about 40% have not been clearing their towns so I've hidden them. Most of my neighbours are pretty diehard so they get the benefit of the doubt.
    Then again, I've got the best neighbours ever cuz when they are active, most of them visit :) that's the hardest part to find.
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  • 4junk3000
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    Oops too late. Guess you're stuck with them forever. Unless...

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  • smith69gers
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    Since these events require logging in every 4 hours, I'll usually generously allow up to SIX hours of inactivity before I delete a neighbor.

    But, but, but sleep and things like sleep! Gulp, man, you're ruthless.

    Edit. There were a stream of laughing, crying faces at the end of my text but they disappeared ;)
  • adruralo
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    I have about 8 neighbours hidden, haven't been playing for about two weeks, usually good tappers so will keep until about two months.
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  • I tend to only keep ardent players who would visit regularly during events at least.
  • I tend not to delete them very often, but events are useful for figuring out who isn't playing. Sometimes near the end of an event, I'll go through and delete the ones that haven't acquired any currency throughout the entire thing.

    But some friends I have kept around out of nostalgia, either because we helped each other a lot in past events, or they have such a well-designed town I still like to go and visit it.
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