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When to delete neighbors?



  • I delete them if i struggle to find buildings to click on in my visits to them. really annoys me spending that extra time searching for buildings. I have a full neighbour list after going through a big clean up and re-stock last month. have 6 friends waiting but don't want to reject them as if i find some people who aren't playing/low level i'll delete them and add one from the waiting list :D
  • delete them before they delete you :|
  • rw228
    1055 posts Member
    Okay. I think I will be doing some deleting and trying to add some forum members here. I think it's more fun to have neighbors that are active on forums because you hear some thoughts on how and why they design things at times.
  • I just did a big clean up....deleted everyone that hadn't logged in over 3 weeks. Some long time friends, I'll give more leeway.
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  • cdepast
    2463 posts Member
    At this point in the event, if I have neighbors that haven't started playing, I check how many weeks inactive and then start deleting. I said goodbye to some long time players this event that have disappeared. Annette and Yukongirl come to mind...That bummed me out, but I dont want to visit a town with nothing to tap - and Id rather open my friend list to other players - so they can enjoy the majesty of my towns design. Its actually very considerate of me. :D
  • 1 week of inactivity and I unfriend them.
  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I just had a neighbor start up again after being gone for over a week. I can understand that people may need to delete neighbors after a week, but I am glad that I didn't delete them.
  • Willy9292
    1656 posts Member
    I tend to delete faster if during an event, if Act 1 is 5 days old and they haven't started, off they go. Between events I usually wait 4 to 6 weeks in case of illness or vacations.
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  • Igcognita
    1504 posts Member
    I usually delete neighbors who haven't played in over 20 weeks & up. I've had people not play for 3 or 4 months and start playing again, so I give it a little more time. But if they have a well designed town, I keep them a little longer.
  • When they bore me ;)
  • During non events, even long term friends, I'll keep them, but come an event, if they don't play within the first week, the newer players are toast. I usually give a long term friend the benefit of the doubt, but if they haven't played by act 2, toast like for them. I want active players, especially during an event. What good is it to keep someone on, if they haven't played in a long time?
  • Not "toast like" was supposed to be "toastville". Geez!
  • Gary_A_D wrote: »
    Not "toast like" was supposed to be "toastville". Geez!

  • katn67
    113 posts Member
    6 to 8 weeks for active players who have been regular and stop... 4 weeks for players that I've noticed a pattern of regularly not playing for weeks at a time inside and outside of events.
  • scskye
    102 posts Member
    I rarely delete but did recently during this event, taking time to visit and not having buildings to click gets frustrating. Some of my neighbors haven't played in over a year. I figure they're not coming back lol. I usually visit, check out their place, if I like their town I give it a bit. I probably think way to much about it
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