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Extra Schematics.. what to craft

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Hi All,

its coming to an end this event.. i think... what are you guys crafting with your extra schematics?

any recommendations for this event? hopefully something with %.


  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I am mainly crafting walls. I have crafted a few of everything. I am not sure that anything will end up with a multiplier. I kind of feel like those days may be over.
  • Nothing with % as far as we know. Craft and store whatever you fancy. Some things might work well in later designs. I like the parachute landing pad although it doesn't line up when you place concrete under it. The sunflower things are good too.
  • daved7637397
    7234 posts Member
    Funny a month ago everyone was panicking because we werent getting enough schematics.

    Anyway, Im giung for bus stops, ATMs and manholes. Already have a ton of mailboxes. Nothing else really grabs me. Maybe some sunflowers. One can never have enough nature.
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  • simp7fan
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    We panicked; we received (a patch). Not that funny. :p

    I made 4 of the town squares, 2 of the tree guys (but I might want more). I think I'm just going to out with walls. I have multiples of everything except the launchpad.
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  • Sunflowers!
  • I'm making parachute landing zones. Putting them by my airport. The animation for them is funny!
  • miraclemet
    422 posts Member
    I've made lots of sunflowers cause I can hide them behind a fence and never see the spy poke up. They just look like the sunflowers are growing! But even then I'm still sitting on 8k in schematics and I'm also wrestling with what to craft (if anything)
  • adruralo
    3292 posts Member
    I have two parachutes and hoping to get two more.
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  • monicalord
    112 posts Member
    miraclemet wrote: »
    I've made lots of sunflowers cause I can hide them behind a fence and never see the spy poke up. They just look like the sunflowers are growing!

    Thanks for the idea! Looks like I'm crafting more flowers!!
  • Castiel_Touk
    4783 posts Member
    A few more parachutes targets, I love them so much. :D
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  • fastshadow2
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    edited May 2017
    i've been crafting Acinths in my crawl town because it helps with tree-hugging, up to about 125
    crafting walls in my main town, i also have a couple of each non-unique items already and never know when the walls will come in handy in the future
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  • with still being a new player I dont have every thing full yet still need to get my vanity up and with having the walls that helped me alot still doesnt look as cool as the parachute targets though
  • MaxxSpider
    5465 posts Member
    non wiener walls for the win
  • 4junk3000
    6209 posts Member
    Cranking out walls now. I made plenty of the spy stuff earlier in the event.

    Great event. I like getting as much as I want of stuff. So many past events gave us much less flexibility to choose
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  • Castiel_Touk
    4783 posts Member
    edited May 2017
    MaxxSpider wrote: »
    non wiener walls for the win

    We have are wiener :D
    Here have a banana!!
  • Jonalinn
    1806 posts Member
    I wasn't sure what to buy either so I wound up with:
    • automated tracking machines
    • benches
    • mailboxes
    • spyacinths
    • manhole stations
    • bus shelters
    • town squares

    ...not counting the stuff that's already in my town. I think I'll probably get the most use out of the flowers.
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  • Loads of non weiner walls, spyacinths and bus shelters.
  • ArmpitAttack
    2353 posts Member
    Isn't anyone happy with the schematics themselves?
  • rw228
    1060 posts Member
    I like to stock pile the decorations for future designs. Focusing on the cheaper ones like sunflowers and bus stops. Would like some more of the nothing to see here guys or whatever they are called.
  • johncolombo
    11603 posts Senior Moderator
    I never know what to get at the end of an event unless there is something I really love. Probably go with flowers, bus stops, benches, and manholes.
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