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What happens to hearts after the valentines special ends?

No one knows. There were mystery stockings after Christmas, so it's possible they do something similar after Valentine's but my guess is that it's going to be similar to Halloween and they'll disappear.

Hold on to them for now. The event ends Feb. 28. If Feb. 27 hits and it looks like nothing is coming, buy holiday decorations with your hearts and then sell those items for cash.


  • doctoru2
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    As was stated by itsmedanshep, no one knows yet. We have no prior experience to draw from - at least with regards to Valentine's Day. Itsmedanshep mentioned what happened with Halloween treats and with Christmas coins.

    While it is entirely possible that the hearts sill just disappear, I predict that we'll need hearts for more Valentine's items. The big Ralph Wiggum episode focused around Valentine's Day and extended to Presidents' Day (in the U.S.). Given Valentine's day is next week, I wouldn't be surprised to see a true Level 26 update with the Wiggum house, Ralph, and other items. Some may require hearts

    As EA has stated hearts will run though the end of February, I hope that that around that time they will give us some warning - like to save them or use them up (like on lots of rose bushes or other special items).

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