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Barney or Jacques?

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edited May 2017
What do you think is a better purchase, Barney's Bowlarama (with a discount) or Fiesta Terrace? I only have enough donuts for one right now.

I've been waiting for a rebate on Barney again for a while, but Jacques comes with a 4% multiplier. Decisions, decisions...

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  • Jacque: limited time. Dont know when/if he will be back. 4% is huge

    Barney: always in the store, although badly overpriced. Iconic character.

    Just a few thoughts. Ultimately you have to live with whomever you get. You really should go with which one you like the best. All the above doeant mean anything if you arent happy with your purchase
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  • cdepast
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    you arent going to see a Barney discount again anytime soon.
  • I see a lot of KEM farming in my near future....
  • cdepast wrote: »
    you arent going to see a Barney discount again anytime soon.

    THIS. I always wanted him since I earned his MR Plow Skin and not a simple rebate in like 3 years. I'd say, earn as much donmuts you can and maybe the last day you'll be able to buy both
  • stinkbugger
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    cdepast wrote: »
    you arent going to see a Barney discount again anytime soon.

    That was probably also said a year ago during the Deep Space Homer Event.

    But yes, probably not again in the next few months at least.
  • @ldavidgr68

    I got my Mr. Plow Barney skin from the prize wheel during the 2013 Christmas event and am ready to get it out of storage too.


  • 168sean168
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    I would go for the limited item first. You can always build your donut reserve and come back for Barney. But if donuts building is still painfully slow, I would work on my multiplier first. That is how I would play
  • I've been having the same discussion on another thread, I was leaning towards Barney and using the rebate to buy the other items (why did i instabuy Alley McBalls??? ) but Jacques is limited and what happens if he's the new Grumple....
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  • jaddy1874
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    As a freemium player it's always the limit time items that get preference. I'll be farming towards Jacques over the next 10 days.
  • Barney. Bowlarama gives characters premium jobs too. And he is iconic and the price is really the best you ll ever get for it
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  • Grumpstown
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    fight your inner demons and buy some donuts ;)
  • Castiel19x
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    I'd say Jacque because he's has limited time and Barney always around.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • I bought Barney awhile back so I did not have that problem so I bought Jacque but have been upset cause now I want Pin Pal bundle but I think I can do all the task on my own but thanks to Dougie_Powers_17.
    I never thought of it like that but what if Jacque becomes the next Grumple so now I feel a little better if you havent decided yet I would say Jacque
  • adruralo
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    Grumpstown wrote: »
    fight your inner demons and buy some donuts ;)
    I agree, get those extra donuts and splash out for both. They are both good to have.

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  • Dougie_Powers_17
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    I've talked myself into Jacques... got 174 doughnuts at the moment, gonna do a mini farm to get to 200, buy Shorty's, then The Grid Iron, then once the rebates have worked out should be able to get Jacques.... will have zero doughnuts, but it means I can do some serious farming with my IGC when I have some time off, should have 10D by then to give me three days to sort it all out... until then everything is on hold while I gather cash for my big layout...
    You just had to look didn't ya!...
  • p3bowman
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    Thanks for the help. I actually didn't figure the 90 donuts back into my calculations (duh), so I might be able to get both. I'm almost to 250 now. If not, I may just spend a little money because I want the characters that come with purchasing donuts anyway.
  • Just over halfway to Barney. I'm off work the next 3 days so I should be able to get him by Tuesday and then I can start on Jacques.

  • You make the call! (Choose barney, though) (his love is real)
  • monicalord
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    edited May 2017
    Where does the 4% multiplier come from with Jacques?
  • ramrod130
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    As someone else said, spend some $$ and get both. Worth it imo
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