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Futurama - World of Tomorrow Beta

I've never tried playing in a Beta before, so I hope you guys don't mind these questions. I've heard that Betas are pre-release versions of the game, mainly for users to test it out and find any bugs before the actual release. There could be game-breaking bugs or sometimes really cheap and free things. There are some sites out there, which seem to point to a beta, but I'm a bit iffy about it all.

If I search for "Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Beta Playstore" I can see a Playstore link which allows me to install, but it says all my devices are incompatible. Will the APK help me get past this or would it just not work? I have already pre-registered on Playstore for what I think is the Prod version.

Where do I download the actual beta and how do I know it's actually from TinyCo?

What the benefit of this beta apart from being able to start early?

Would betas come with the risk of wrecking my other games? What's the worse that a beta can do?

How do I run an APK?

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