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the oddest place you have played tsto



  • 94nt3nb31n wrote: »
    DOes "In the Shower" count?

    You may have won the thread.
    it isn't a contest no funny picture prizes can be won. no pointless congrats are awarded. just for the fun of it it was.

    You've taken my post too literally.
  • I have tapped in the delivery room, while my daughter was in labor with my grandson. I didn't tap during the actual delivery, but, well, these things take time and there was a lot of waiting around. This was during Clash of Clones.

    My daughter didn't mind at all, she used to play so she understood.
  • fastshadow2
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    my favorite place to tap 😂
    this must be a boring event if we are taking about this aready😀
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  • While spending 9 days in hospital after complications from surgery. It was during big event and the timing of my drugs was every 4 hours just like event currency pick up and sending people for event tasks so I made tons of extra donuts because I finished the event in 3 days. It was the first time I was happy about my insomnia as I was not sleeping at all except 30-45 minute nods after the good painkillers which worked perfectly for the game schedule. Normally even after not sleeping for 40-50 hours I would crash and sleep for 16 hours but the drugs kept me going just with the short nods the whole 9 days without missing any pick ups.
  • In a casino
    In a councilling session
    At a buffet (wasn’t that great)
    At a wedding
    At a funeral
    At the beach
  • Squatting in the desert at night. Only the glow of moonlight and my phone screen, the song dogs, and the stars. When nature calls...in nature
  • 168sean168 wrote: »
    @wadebear is the one using Satellite Internet, not me :tongue:

    What became of him? He hasn't been here in seven months.
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