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Forgotten Anniversary ***Guide***

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The Time Traveler's Wife Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: Hey look! There's a new fat, bald loser in town. What's your name, you obvious idiot?
Future Homer: I'm you, Homer, from the future! I come with a warning of utmost importance!
Homer: Alright, pal, keep my pants on. What's the ruckus? And why the orange skin?
Future Homer: Never mind that. You will soon forget your anniversary, but it is imperative that you not travel back in time to fix it.
Homer: Why not just warn me to remember my anniversary?
Future Homer: Yeah, that makes way more sense! Man, I used to be SMART.
Homer: I'll make an anniversary gift for Marge. That way, it's free. All it costs is my time, which is completely worthless.

Task: Build Homer's Workbench

Homer: I will not rest until I've made the most amazing, heart-warming gift an anniversary has ever seen.
Homer: Man, planning to make something is hard work.
Homer: I think I'll take a rest.

Burnt Toast

Auto starts on May 29th

Homer: I feel like I'm forgetting something. Ah well. I'm sure if it was important, some me would have warned me about it.

Where Did They Come From



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