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As a premium player, I'd like to have a report a town option added

Stop whining and play your game
Who care if someone hacked the game and ruined their game.

How does Someone that has a hacked town affects your game play in any way?


  • toddpygensky
    583 posts
    edited October 2014
    You want the stuff you bought in your town to hold it's value?

    You do understand that you paid money for pixels, right?

    It's all worthless, the only value is the fun you have playing your game. I am willing to bet that I have spent a great deal more than you on this game, but does it bother me when I see a suspicious or downright obviously hacked town? Not one bit. I couldnt care less about the player experience for others, to be honest. I am also willing to bet that the people that hack their games derive little to no pleasure in the game anymore, wheres the excitement in the game if you have nothing to aspire to or work for?

    So, stop being a busy body baby. Someone else ruining their game has no effect on you. It's not like you could go and sell your Springfield possesions anyway, so I have no idea what value you speak of outside of the gameplay value. Find something more important in life to get upset about.
  • fluffling
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    edited October 2014
    It's not a competitive game, it does not affect you what other players do and don't have or how they got it.
    No matter how many other people have the items you bought and how they got those items your items hold the same value - a bunch of pixels which produce a few more pixels.
    If it annoys you that much then unfriend and move on.
  • terend2013
    60 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    Perhaps with some sort of reward or bounty. It is sure to bring up the age old question, of how do you realllllly know that someone is "de-valuing" your own town with actions of their own....

    On that related note, I don't care how you are doing, but let's hear how everyone's "friends" are doing. For example i have a "friend" in my list who had gotten 1,511,068 Ray guns. no kidding aside.. LOL but we love 'em because that's an awful lot of Gremalien grinding. I always have 10 gremaliens given to me to squish!!
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