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Treat bags

Basically treat bags are a function of how often you log in and how much premium content you have. Since you have a chance of getting treat bags from squashing Rigellians, you'll get more bags if you can log in every 4 hours in order to squash the maximum possible number of Rigellians and not let your game reach the point at which they max out and stop spawning. If you have premium characters who can trick or treat, you'll also get more treat bags that way. More indirectly, the spooky house (1 bronze bag per day) and the ray gun (treat bags can be won as prizes from UFOs shot down by extra ammo) also help. Since you're running short on fences, my guess is your problems are mainly not being able to log in often enough, as the premium characters give gold and silver bags which generally don't contain many fences.


  • matildawr
    49 posts
    edited November 2014
    I log in all the time. Maybe like every hour, except at night of course when I sleep. But I'm on pretty often.
    I guess the game just hates me.
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