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Probably will have to use donuts if you want it. I won it, and crafted a second one! Just been crafting walls and shrubs (first choice). I've crafted 2 huts, 1 pumpkin house (had 1 from last year totaling 2), 1 copter (have 2), 2 Spooky houses and just been crafting shrubs this week. Spent a few donuts to craft the extra copter, but everything else had gotten from treat bags.


  • steviebwell
    163 posts
    edited November 2014
    Don't be too disappointed if you don't get it it went straight into storage in my town. All is down is lift up off the ground slightly, shoot and then land.
  • bradyc79
    1379 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    kimmie24 wrote:
    Anyone else still trying to get it? I was short 100 ray guns and now have to craft it. I have 274/500 chocolate bars. I have everything else. Trying to hold on to my donuts for Utter. When I shoot down ufos, all I get are gummy bears and bronze bags. Don't want this to be my first event that I don't complete :(

    Yes, I am in the same boat as you. I am waiting to see how many more chocolate bars I can get before the event's end. But it has been frustrating. I was about 350-400 ray guns short, which would have cost me like 60 donuts then. But I didn't end up rushing with donuts. I hope I can get some more bars from the UFO's, like you mentioned.
  • kimmie24
    148 posts
    edited November 2014
    You guys are right I going to have to spend the donuts. At least I have them to buy it. Just in denial. I had to use donuts to complete easter. I need to read the blogs at the beginning of the event to prevent this trend.
  • Jedihntr
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    edited November 2014
    I missed the copter too but I didn't bother to craft it. Once I realized I'd need to get about 60 chocolate bars each day to do it, I gave right up and spent them on something else.
  • sojournfan
    584 posts
    edited November 2014
    I missed out on it too. Not too upset, though. I spent my rare chocolate bars on getting the Queen instead.
  • kimmie24
    148 posts
    edited November 2014
    I just got the ubo and was ready to complete the event by buying chocolate bars. I no longer have the option to buy chocolate bars. :evil: But I do have the option to get the license. What gives ea?
  • panopticnic
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    edited November 2014
    I'd give you mine if I could. I don't like it. I think I am going to but it in storage.
  • edited November 2014
    I want Hover-Copter, but considering how scarce chocolate bars are, I'd say it's pointless to get it now. I'll probably just make another hut and be done with it. 166 donuts just to get the last of materials seems like a waste to me. Since all I've been doing this event was use donuts to get things.
  • lph1908
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    edited November 2014
    I have the same issue. I don't want to spend over 100 donuts for it and I am almost 200 chocolate bars short. I am not going to get UBO too.

    I guess it's good that I am not a completionist! lol
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