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I am 66 broken fences away from spooky house should I rely on extra time?

I wouldn't count on the update to be extended, but I'm paranoid like that. :P


  • neuroheart
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    edited November 2014
    I would collect treat bags until the last half hour or so of the event, then spend donuts.
  • annettemarc
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    edited November 2014
    Isabella is right ... There's a risk to waiting past the stated deadline.

    Three possibilities exist:

    You buy it for 33 donuts and see that the other event has been extended. You're out 33 donuts.
    You don't buy it and try to craft it, and see that the event was NOT extended. You're out 1 spooky house.
    You don't buy it and craft it because the event was extended. You're out nothing.

    The only sure thing is option A. If the house was never craftable, and was originally offered in the TSTO store menu for 33 donuts as a premium item, would you have paid that for it?
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  • cobrastang69
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    edited November 2014
    Ok I will wait 2 hours for my kids to finish tot and then craft for about 18 donuts thx for the help.
  • edited November 2014
    Was wondering this too. I'm 20 fences away and my trick or treaters will be done about 30 mins after the timer. I'm betting I'll still be able to craft within an hour after the timer stops. ??
  • wadebear
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    I was trying to figure out Clash of Clones when I got an in game message that an update was available. I clicked the No option and continued playing for a while, then quit because I was tired.

    The next day I got a "You must download the update" message when I tried to log in. So I'd wait. If you don't get an "Update is available" message around the closing time just keep playing. I've gotten many bronze treat bags from tapping aliens.

    And remember: I started THOH with only Lisa to Trick-or-Treat and still managed to Craft everything except the Human Test Subject.. At this point I have 58 broken fence pieces and can still craft a few small items, but I'm gonna hold out until the last minute and try for the HTS.
  • anonSimpson
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    edited November 2014
    Assuming things don't just cut out when the timer ends...

    - You have at least until morning before the update is released officially ending the event

    - The post-event update is never (usually) required until about 24 hours after the post-event update is released (so make sure your device doesn't auto-update apps!)
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