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What are you crafting?



  • sugarpuffi
    87 posts
    edited November 2014

    i got 2 huts, 2 pumpkins, 2 spooky houses and a lot of walls.

    want lots more shrubs and 1 more test subject - i got 2 from bags. no more crafting ingredients though
  • Vinchenzo55
    31 posts
    edited November 2014
    In the end I waas left with over a 1000 gummy bears, 200 chocolate and 300 pumpkins. Lack of fences and candy corn limited what I can spend my remaining items on.
    I bought some walls and a few gold bags, but just got more pumpkins and chocolate bars I can‘t use!! Wish I could send some to other people.
    I have been trying to go along my friends list to ensure they get the ubo skin but I‘ve run out of eggs now. I was hoping for at least an egg out of the gold bags but they do seem rather useless apart from lps and choc bars and pumpkins. I think the bronze bags were the best and I wish I could have crafted them or silver bags for candy corn!
  • Frimar21
    269 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    ok, 15' left!!
    time to craft!!!

    with the remaining bronze bags i got some extra stuff, so now I'm about to craft
    1 spooky house, 1 great pumpkin and 22 walls, plus 7 gold bags..
    Maybe i will start from that 7 in case i got more fences or corn ;-)

    EDIT 52 minutes away from the next trick or treat job... it means some more bags if the game didn't update.. but i don't want to risk, so i craft the rest anyway...
  • spo0ky_lu
    46 posts
    edited November 2014
    I was hoping for my seconds copter but was short 90 chocolate bars :(

    I've crafted with my leftovers
    1 spooky house
    1 hut
    some shrugs (i like them)
    and some walls (didnt get many through bags)

    that's it. Now if only I could trade/spend my 1000 gummy bears
  • SirCraigius
    526 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    I just managed to get my 4th hut before time ran out. With the rest of my mats I bought some test subjects and spent the rest on gold bags.
  • amcevil
    350 posts
    edited November 2014
    After managing to get enough from the treat bags to craft three total Rigellian Huts I figured I'd try for another 55 chocolate bars and maybe get another Spooky House before the end of the event. I got them tonight just a few minutes ago. Nice!

    My trick or treaters are about to finish for the final time, I should have enough for another shrub.
  • Frimar21
    269 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    amcevil wrote:
    My trick or treaters are about to finish for the final time...

    mine too!
    so, assuming that the update will take some time, i'll try with a further round..
    8hrs, maybe i could be able to collect some more bags (and a wall or shrub!), otherwise money and XP... ;-)
  • fuffazzoni
    627 posts
    edited November 2014
    I wanted a couple more huts to make a total of 4 but they drain candycorn quickly and I don't have much space, so I'm happy with 2 huts, everything else was spent for:
    32 walls (+ around 18 won from bags)
    8 shrubs (+8 won from bags)
    2 test subjects (+5 won from bags)

    I still have a lot of gummy bears and chocolate, but I can't craft anything else.
  • Frimar21
    269 posts Member
    edited November 2014
    No more update, so I have added 3 walls to the count (and a gold bag, too)..
    And my boys are tricking again... ;-)
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