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Quality/Length of Level Questlines declining?

Five of the last six levels have come during events, shorter questlines could be directly related to those events or it could be that these characters just don't have the in-depth storylines already in place from the show and they can only do so much with them.


  • Mopurglar
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    Honestly, I like the new quest lines a lot better. I'm able to follow along without losing interest, and I can appreciate the humor in them.

    I found the old ones to be painful. They were monotonous and chock full of repetitive 24h tasks designed to milk the clock until the next update. The problem is, after about 5 days, I start to forget what exactly the quest is all about.

    In particular, I really hated the mini-golf tournament that dragged on for weeks and the Patty and Selma questline. After 2+ weeks, it's hard to remember why Homer needs to sleep on the couch again for another 24h.
  • drosax1
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    Linkwick wrote:
    Does anyone else think that EA's getting more slack with Level questlines? It used to be that Levels were dropped every fortnight, and the questline for each level took you midway into the second "non-release" week before you finished.

    Since the end of "The Event We Do Not Name" in April/May, and beginning with Chester/Bernice Hibbert update, only 1 update has totalled more than a week's worth of tasks!! Yes, you usually get more mileage than what's indicated as you never go through all tasks back-to-back (gotta sleep sometime!!), but it's getting MUCH more pronounced now.

    Collated since Level 30 - when EA actually finished their hodge-podge questline for Herman with an APOLOGY for how it tailed off haphazardly:
    *L30 (Herman) - 13 tasks, 7 days
    *L31 (R Wolfcastle) - 18 tasks, 9.1 days
    *L32 (Rod & Todd) - 16 tasks, 8.3 days
    *L33 (Eddie & Lou) - 24 tasks, 11.4 days
    *L34 (SI Chalmers) - 18 tasks, 8.9 days (inc. 2nd building @36hrs)
    *L35 (Patty & Selma) - 20 tasks, 13.4 days (inc. 2nd building @24hrs)
    *L36 (Dolph) - 17 tasks, 8.4 days
    *L37 (Kirk van Houten) - 18 tasks, 13 days (inc. 2nd building @36hrs)
    *L38 (Judge Snyder) - 17 tasks, 7.6 days
    *L39 (Sanjay) - 16 tasks, 8 days
    *L40 (Miss Hoover/Choc Beanie) - 16 tasks, 7.5 days
    *L41 (Bernice Hibbert) - 9 tasks, 3.5 days
    *L42 (Roger Meyers Jr) - 14 tasks, 6.2 days
    *L43 (Princess Penelope) - 10 tasks, 4.9 days
    *L44 (Database) - 14 tasks, 8 days (inc. 2nd building @24hrs)
    *L45 (Artie Ziff) - 9 tasks, 5.5 days (inc. 2 extra buildings @24hrs ea)
    *L46 (Mrs Muntz) - 9 tasks, 3.4 days (inc. Moon Bounce quest @4hrs)
    *L47 (Freddy Quimby) - 10 tasks, 4.8 days

    Often I find myself on the "off" week (in non-Event periods) with nothing to do, killing time until they give us a freebie decoration & building (and double the amount of free items as premium purchases).

    Anyone else slowly getting frustrated at the lengths of the storylines?

    you put level 41 instead of 42 and i'm assuming you didn't count the bonus quests that premium characters give to main one
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