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How are ppl already getting 400+ gifts?!

Donuts. Buy them. Use them


  • barryriddl474
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    edited December 2014
  • avtkrmn
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    edited December 2014
    tlainey wrote:
    I have the toy shop & visited my friends.. I have 150ish giftss and it maxed out. How am i supposed to progress? Any answers?

    i downloaded the update yesterday and sped up the building. i visited all friends who updated early and all the others today until i was tapped out on visit presents. log on as often as possible, do the jobs and keep doing them. also, marge, bart, and ned can do their same outside jobs from last year.
  • loner_chick
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    edited December 2014
    Just keep playing. I have over 700. I have not used donuts. I did make it a point to only visit people who also have presents. I'm not if that is important or not. I was short on time today so I focused on them.
  • brogames111
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    edited December 2014
    No way! I never speed up with donuts!....well not intentionally that is. Got presents from all friends, keep getting 100 bonus presents for completing tasks. Have a little over a thousand, and have not been playing that aggressively. Just keep track of who needs to be free, and when they've finished a task. Plus you need a good friend list!! And I have the BEST friends out there... Thanks Guys!!!
  • jrm3sd420l332
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    edited December 2014
    Do the tasks back to back to back they build up fast.
  • 00-marco_rosas
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    edited December 2014
    You can get a 100 gift bonus for completing each of the tunnels so that explains away 300 of those gifts.
  • panopticnic
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    edited December 2014
    I only sped up the building and the 4 hr task and the 24 hr task. No other ones. Just played lots. And I have 1700.
  • crosby357
    3051 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    I have about 1100. I just visited friends, completed all the Santa tasks, and sent people like Frink and Apu on Present-generating jobs. Not that hard...
  • ripalpatel162
    22 posts
    edited December 2014
    I only sped up the building and the 4 hr task and the 24 hr task. No other ones. Just played lots. And I have 1700.

    Same here! Those are the only three tasks I sped up and I have about 1500.
  • 4kidsandacatdog
    3090 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    My workshop finished building this morning, I used no donuts to speed anything up, I simply did all the available tasks for the day and I'm just over 1000. To my knowledge there is no event currency available for purchase. Most people are just playing the bejeebers out of this update!
  • efin98
    5856 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    I have 963 presents, with no donuts spent yet.

    How did I get so much OP? I downloaded the update right away when it was available then put Homer and Lisa right to work, then had everyone free to do their tasks. I visited my neighbors to get whatever I could and finished the three 9 tasks for the nine prizes for today...it added up to the amount. Plus I am due to earn another 100 from part 4 of the main questline in 90 minutes so I'll be over 1,000 presents WITHOUT donuts speeding things up.
  • Gary_A_D
    866 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    Having the elves cave helps, which you'll get after Homer and some other character's do some Christmas tasks, and you need to do each daily task. I think you get 3 daily's to do. I went ahead and got the Christmas Troll, which comes with his cave, and it seems as though, i'm making better progress for the Christmas event, but, as long as you do each task, you'll get more presents. I did speed up things by using a few donuts to get some tasks done faster.
  • delegg629524
    337 posts
    edited December 2014
    Here is my amazing strategy: Have a birthday and get a bowel load of Google play cards. Then split them up between your two SFs and your Family Guy: Quest For Cash. Works every time.
  • letsridebikes
    470 posts
    edited December 2014
    I have over 1100 with no donuts spent, and I haven't visited all my friends yet. In the first couple days of an event, it's helpful to make sure that you visit all your friends who HAVE updated to the event first, or you'll waste a lot of potential event-currency-earning actions.
    Otherwise, just play how it's supposed to be played - complete the tasks as required and visit friends - and you'll do fine.
  • Lovelybella87
    276 posts
    edited December 2014
    I'm a little over 1400, I did start last night and rushed the toy store and Homer and Lisa's task for a total of 6 donuts. Mainly because I really wanted to start early. Every quest you complete you get 100 presents, plus the 3 tunnels that are open have 3 tasks each and at the end you get a bonus. At the moment I have 7 elves working every 4 hours for presents. You can also send Lisa, Bart, Ned, and Marge on task for gifts. (Apu and Frink when you complete tunnels) I've kept Homer free for the main quest line. I think the past Christmas items have helped too.
  • dhfjhvgjhvhjfg
    1067 posts
    edited December 2014
    You get a bonus 100 presents for completing all the jobs associated with an elf tunnel. 3 tunnels are unlocked so far so works out to 300 bonus presents. Have Flanders spam his presents job and same with marge. Apu and frink get present jobs through quest progression (I'm assuming more will get this job eventually). Couple this with presents generated from previous years' items (Christmas tree, the metal Christmas tree, elf home) and it's not hard to have that amount without spending donuts. I would've thought Santa's workshop, clausco, and santa's village would've generated presents too but they don't
  • brickevand408
    1822 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    My fear is when the quest are done you will have no 100 pregifts anymore, so 670 a day will be hard i guess :cry:
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