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Santa Quest

The quest unlocked on dec 23rd, but it was very, very short term. It involved:
1) homer Trying on Santa suit (60 min)
2) homer test driving the sleigh (8 hr)
3) (unlocked) Santa deLivers presents (8 hrs)

The caveat is that the task had to be started AND completed before the phase 1 completed. My Santa had 2 hours to go "delivering gifts" when the timer expired, so I don't know what the reward was (I assume donuts, but it might have been a limited edition character... Perhaps unlocking Santa forever. Or it might be absolutely nothing)

Did anyone complete the full quest line?


  • neuroheart
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    edited December 2014
    Did anyone complete the full quest line?
    I did. I think I just got some presents.
  • kellyfennig
    13 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    Thanks neuroheart!

    No great loss (for me) then; I completed phase 1 a couple days early and was a good day away from the 2000 Reward mark.

    I would have been miffed if a task tHat only had 4 hours of flex and required users to wake up mid night to complete had paid out with an exclusive.
  • excelsior0808
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    edited December 2014
    My Homer was still on the sleigh flying task and he just up and vanished. According to the census he's still flying, but he's nowhere to be seen and "Go To" doesn't do anything.

    Keep your presents, I just want my Homer back so I can further the quests.
  • JSO60
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    edited December 2014
    I had completed Homer's portion of the task with plenty of time on the 23rd. The task never unlocked for me. Thanks for letting me know what happened.
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