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Add-Me Thread


  • Almondo1966
    20 posts
    edited December 2014
    I play all the time and am level 48 - going for all the prizes in phase 2 so add me if you want an active neighboreeno

  • valeriabat
    4 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    Add me, please!
  • claudiabat09
    4 posts
    edited December 2014
    Add me.
    Thank You
  • chrisgyo
    1030 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    I am a premium player, been playing actively for 13 months and am really into this event - visiting neighbours each day

    I just removed 17 neighbours who had not upgraded for Christmas (had zero bells), so I'm looking to fill these spots with active players

    add me :) chrisgyo :)
    active players only, otherwise you'll only end up getting deleted in a few months :P
  • markdiggory1
    1 posts
    edited December 2014
    I play several times daily. Just had a cull of inactive friends.
    Add me and I'll be sure to visit you :D
  • DrCohen
    5 posts
    edited December 2014
    add me: dannyhall87

    play every day, especially over christmas
  • AOFIGO009
    1306 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    I'm level 48, or whatever the max level is nowadays, and I've got it that each time there's a new level I go up automatically. I play everyday religiously and take part in every event. If u skip events sometimes please do not add me. I'm hoping to scroll for Cannons and Elf Doors to maximise the bells, and to aid you in doing that, I've got Lisa meditating every 30 minutes. My name is AOFIGO009, I have another Springfield that's level 23/4 called AOFIGO00999 and you're welcome to add that one too, although I on,y tap that one once a day, so if you don't want to add that one, please be careful with the zeroes and nines; my Main Springfield has two Zeroes and one nine, my Second Springfield has two zeroes and three nines!!
    Happy tapping and happy holidays!!! :D
    Hey guys, I'm AO (not AOF). I create and run the Event Strategy Threads.
  • Tont_999
    6 posts
    edited December 2014
    Looking for new players, ps no graffity pls.

  • leaoo7
    11 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    Feel free to Add me. Play several times throughout day. Just cleared all my non playing friends out again.


  • JcSnl
    274 posts
    edited December 2014
  • edited December 2014
    Daily player need to replace non-playing friends with new active players! sam24ashwell923
  • vitorcr1999
    332 posts
    edited December 2014
    So I have cleared some spots and now need new friends (I guess almost 30 spots), I'm level 48 and have my cannon near my eld door. If you don't skip any events feel free to add me, and if you're not doing it yet, please place your cannon nearby your elf door, it helps both the visitor and the owner of the town (but if you don't it's ok, I won't delete you or anything).

    vitorcrezende That's the main and only town I use
  • swif28379
    2 posts
    edited December 2014
    I'm looking for dedicated players I seem to loose 5 to 8 after every event if you clear your town a few times a day feel free to add me.
  • swan130572
    20 posts
    edited December 2014
    Having a clear out of non xmas players - pls add me for Xmas part 2 - username swan130572
  • A-susangers
    3 posts
    edited December 2014
    Please add me if you are a commited player. I am a level 48 daily player.
    Thanks! :D
  • zeldagirl21
    1 posts
    edited December 2014
    Add me: zeldagirl21
    Daily player.
  • jasonxenakisgt
    82 posts Member
    edited December 2014
    I have recently had to drop a bunch of players who stopped playing the game.

    I have been playing for 2 years, play multiple times a day and visit friends everyday.

  • dhami44862
    29 posts
    edited December 2014
    Looking for daily players with well decorated towns. Been playing since the beginning, and had to * out some inactive friends. I'm leveled all the way up and play everyday.


  • cammymac7
    1 posts
    edited December 2014
    Add me, cammymac7, I play a few times a day and will interact with everyones towns constantly.
  • Davit001
    19 posts
    edited December 2014
    Every day player who just cleared up some room for more daily players. Add me! :D
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