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Volcano + Springfield sign deal - Only THIS weekend.

So pissed I bought these when they had the donut deal at Xmas.


  • loftus79
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    edited January 2013
    Not quite sure what ea is thinking. What they have done is devalue the doughnut. First they gave them away free then by selling once highly expensive items cheap. This tells me to wait and buy limited time items at the end of the promotion or eventually long term items will go on sale and that i do not need to buy doughnuts at some point they will be given away free. Now instead of my motivation to be a first adaptor because I will eventually buy the item and I might as well be one of the first to a motivation of making my doughnuts last. Basically they have given me a goal. To make my doughnut last longer and while I wait maybe free doughnuts will come up. Basic market psychology.
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