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How much do you enjoy your Springfield?

Go banana!


  • Jimbeeze
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  • P003htb
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  • mdfriend
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    Sorry, just saw turtles were leading, plus I voted for them, and I love the scene with Ralph, back of the bus, racing fruit and he says "go banana".....anyway, I am in a redesign, no pics of my place, have to clean up, redo...blah blah blah, so my reason for voting for turtles.
  • imac1969
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    mdfriend wrote:
    .anyway, I am in a redesign, no pics of my place, have to clean up, redo...blah blah blah,

    Ditto - am moving around ALMOST EVERYTHING! LOL - damn mountains....
  • Doh_Inc
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    I love my Springfield, but I wouldn't call it "the best." I have seen plenty of other great Springfields that mine pales in comparison to. There isn't one area I favor in my Springfield over the other. I think I have done a good job making it cohesive and I think it transitions from one "district" to another well. I don't see any eye sores in the sense of "Oh gawd I can't look at that it's awful!" I have my shopping area, restaurants are close together but not in tight quarters, I've made good use of my drive-thrus, my residences levitated around one central area and the school is tucked in with the houses, the church and retirement area have their own homes near the residencies, and I have left Halloween and Christmas content out in their own special sections of town. My prison is as far away from residencies as possible and right below the community center that consists of the library, Town Hall, and the post office. I can't wait to obtain more land so I can build up parks (and I especially can't wait to unlock the fountain!). I think my Springfield is blossoming very nicely and evolving to reflect my taste very well. It's not the most creative Springfield in TSTO universe, probably never will be as I have no creative bones in my body, but I think it is a nice Springfield.
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