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Add-me thread: Superhero Event


  • edited March 2015
    Add me, victorfmr. I visit daily during events. I'm level 47 and have a pretty good looking town :D
  • funkyfin
    14 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Pls add my accounts. Daily freeze rayer




  • JediJedah
    8 posts
    edited March 2015
    Thank you to the moderator of this thread. I don't know why so many of the 'need friends' threads can't be replied upon.

    My Origin ID: "JediJedah".

    I have 28-30 slots free after cleaning house and sending random invites and 1/2 didn't get accepted. I'm a level 50 daily. To put it in perspective...I'm sitting on 20 million cash and 130k krusty tickets. I have a farming town where almost all land not designated for buildings/decorations/ect. is filled with orange houses. You will NEVER not have something to click on in my springfield. I delete people who don't sign in for 2 weeks or consecutively lack any untapped buildings for me to tap on. Send a request because I definitely need more neighbors!

    Also...PM if you play iron brigade on the 360. On that game I am a demigod.
    1820 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Add me I have a few spots open for daily players
  • ccnqsj985
    195 posts
    edited March 2015
    Would just like to drop a line and ask for some daily serious tappers to please add my fiancee. She has limited room but is taking on some more friends. Thanks again.

    Tag is Elamb234
  • morbidkil
    7 posts
    edited March 2015
    add me, daily player.

  • Worm32
    39 posts
    edited March 2015
    Need neighbors for event. I like exploring people's towns, so please add if you have a creative one. I have worked very hard on mine and think people will enjoy it. I can't visit every day, but almost, so I can definitely contribute to the event. Thanks!

    Add: jeremyadam769
  • aramon71
    11 posts
    edited March 2015
    Daily player. Level 49. Add me please: aramon71
  • paiskurt991
    1 posts
    edited March 2015
    Add me daily player...

    I'm only level 9 now but I'm a entusiastic big fan...so... :mrgreen:
  • GSFaerie
    290 posts Member
    edited March 2015

    Been playing since the beginning. And found a lot of my neighbours no longer play! So please add me!
  • Croissant1987
    1 posts
    edited March 2015
    Croissant1987 play every day and alot of my friends dont need new ones
  • Sacred_Bread
    1 posts
    edited March 2015
    Would love some more friends to help with current quest.


  • kiwinyc1
    18 posts Member
    edited March 2015

    Daily player level 50
  • 0sghead0
    12 posts
    edited March 2015
    daily lvl50
  • alexcairnx
    1 posts
    edited March 2015

    Daily player, Level 50!

    Add me!
  • xoxtess97
    5 posts
    edited March 2015
    Add me : xoxtess97
    Level 47
  • heididouth
    12 posts
    edited March 2015
    It appears about half of my neighbors have stopped playing. I could use some new ones, but, I want to be honest with you, I have issues getting into the game about once a week. Sometimes it's just for a day, usually not more than two. I play every day that I can get in, actually I play several times a day when I can.
    So, if you want to put with me being out of commission every now and then, I'd love to have some new friends to play with. :DHeididouth
  • kivalo21
    27 posts
    edited March 2015
  • grjotas
    3 posts
    edited March 2015
    Need to refresh friends and have them active. Daily player

    user name : grjotas
  • VintageEyes8
    20 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Cleaned out those who have stopped playing and need to re-up. Add VintageEyes8 please.
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