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Please leave some items untapped for visitors

I have a small brown house farm and a number of Kwik-E-Marts and Krusty Burgers for those that visit my town while I'm there or soon after. When I run through my Springfield I tap everything. If a friend visits while I'm there the can probably tap something I have not gotten to or come back within 5 minutes and there will be something available. Non-event I usually tap once or twice a day, during events, I'm usually there 3-4 times a day.


  • JimJ321
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    edited March 2015
    OK. Happy tapping.
  • furrykiltman
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    edited March 2015
    Realized that shortly after staring a year ago. Don't do house farms, have Cul-du-sacs. Had 19 brown house, unfortunately as more items are added & space dwindles, 11 are in storage. Even had to start putting other houses as well. Even still, I leave 3 Krusty Burgers, 4 Kwik-E-Marts; Homer, Flander & Milhouse's houses, as well as many 1hr buildings.

    Thanx for the thread to remind & inform those who didn't know.
  • 4junk3000
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    edited March 2015
    Yes, I too had to remember to stop collecting every single building and leave a few for visitors. It was nice to collect all for a while.

    But I've seen stacked handshakes in another thread!

    I'm hoping they're allowing multiple taps per building for a while, which should help visitors.

    Someone needs to test the corn! Don't collect that corn too quickly!!
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  • izabellatrix
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    edited March 2015
    I just have a bunch of Brown Houses that I rarely tap.
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