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  • johncolombo
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    edited March 2015
    .....And from the shadows....a lone decenting voice cries out: "meh".

    Hi Josh!
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  • niahunt
    317 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Loved this event :D .

    Now that I have finished it my Springfield is way too quiet :roll: .
  • jankrohn
    197 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Just one small complaint: Lack of quest line. Some events had glorious long quest lines. Christmas 2013 for example, Halloween 2013, or even Independence Day 2013, including lots of dialogue and side quests.

    The superheroes quest line was quite poor compared to these past events.
  • cjryder625
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    edited March 2015
    I thought due to the lack of story and quests this event was the most boring yet. For people who only want to tap it was probably fine but that ceases to be fun after a while. The one thing I did like was the extra donuts on offer!
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  • TArmada23
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    edited March 2015
    I LOVED this event. The only improvement they could of made was with the questline but other then that everything was just amazing... the prizes were great, took a fair amount of time to earn, it had awesome premiums for great prices (except for that flying fortress thing but who cares), and it was also long which I like. So great job EA :thumbup:

    I think I agree with everything said here, and I got a decent amount of donuts out of it too. This was definitely my favorite event to date!
  • robynou
    147 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    All the positive responses are fab! I come here due to a boring job and quickly get turned off by complaining and in one instance some bullying. Nice way to start my Friday in cubicle land.

    I play because I like the game. If I spend money, that's my preference. I don't get upset when things are slow, but had I know of the 2 month lag in Jan & Feb I just may have nuked my town. This is more of an escape for me.
  • simpleidea42
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    edited March 2015
    This event was AMAZING! Had a blast. Thank you EA.
  • ebarber
    186 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Overall, it was a great event - I would give it a solid A-.

    The storyline/character skins may have been lacking, the Radioactive man statue a wee bit on the big side, the storefront was drab, and the buildables may have proved to be a challenge for all those that aren't as dedicated players as us (more criminals should have been released from the prison daily), but major extra credit for the sheer amount of donuts that I accumulated during the event - enough to buy Blarney Castle, and major stylistic points for being the best and original looking event. But I also felt terrible for those that worked so hard to get handcuffs and get the times, only to miss out on it or other buildables. Or get so close to getting the Collider, but not have enough freeze rays because their drop rate was low.

    But all in all, good event and looking forward to the next. But need time to recoup from this one!
  • annettemarc
    7734 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    I loved it as well. The prizes were solid ones, and I love so many characters. I'll be storing that one huge fire/skull/whatever it is building, but everything else is much better than I would expect from a single event.

    And the wind-down pace in Issue 4 is wonderful.

    I realized as I played this event that I had NO crashing or lagging issues. I've complained about them so often in the past, that I thought it was only fair to say that they seem to have all been addressed for me. I can use the character locator one-after-another, instead of a tremendous lag after each one, and cringing in wait to see if it was going to crash. I can skim over my whole town without a crash.

    Amazing. It seems to ME that they worked on both the game mechanics and the event at the same time. :)

    BTW, I WISH they would keep just a few of the images the way they are after the "comic book" look goes away -- the large hedges look SO much better this way, and I love the shadows on the trees and bushes. :)
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  • maximbarne126
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    edited March 2015
  • brickevand408
    1822 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Great event! Now I hope in the next event there will be LAND :shock:
  • Pinkspaceangel
    343 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Best event for me so far ! :)

  • jayjaykay00
    242 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    .....And from the shadows....a lone decenting voice cries out: "meh".

    Hi Josh!


    Do you really think josh would be so concise or polite (i.e. I didn't bash anyone for existing).

    I liked the event well enough, but I hardly see how it's being hailed as the best thing since sliced stone.
    It's nothing special imo, just a repackaging of the "find and tap these" model that they use for every event with less of a storyline, mediocre prizes, and no new decorations. And it was overly drawn out, still a fine event though.

    Just my opinion.
  • devilhunt1449
    3607 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Has been a great event for me to, definitely up towards the top end of events so far, well done EA for an excellent job with the superheroes event and looking forward to the future events in the game.
  • adammeadeisd
    596 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Good on them.
    They got me hook, line and sinker.
  • ShadyLady876
    510 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    In terms of content this is no.2 for me because of the light quest line, Stonecutters comes in at no.1 easily.

    However for free donuts this is by far the best so no.1 in that respect. I got like 15 or 16 lots of 3 in the end, the majority of which happened on Phase 2.
  • vanettoonl726
    229 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Agreed, EA should take a bow for an excellent event. I've been playing since Halloween 2013 and this is the best non-holiday event I've seen yet. But nothing is ever perfect in EA land; if they had just made the prize buildings to a proper scale, I'd give it a perfect ten. Instead I'll give it a nine.
  • Roccaine
    457 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Yeah its a great event, my favorite since the Stonecutters. I love all the new stuff and it has never been frustrating to play at all. Hope they can keep up the quality.
  • childeharr
    235 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    I'm glad that others think this event was superb. EA should be acknowledged for creating this event. The level of involvement was frustratingly engrossing. I hated having to tap so much, but it was worth it. I loved collecting these iconic characters. The release of Radioactive Man with the old school comic pics was masterful. I so enjoyed this event and will miss the iconic soundtrack also. I hope EA ignores my, and any, complaints about having to work too hard for the game. This event was superbly crafted and engrossing. Keep up the good work EA.
  • devilhunt1449
    3607 posts Member
    edited March 2015
    Yes it was quite a good quest and quite a few other agree to and have said thanks in this thread http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10319675.page that has managed to slip down the forum pages a bit.
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