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Nice to hear they restored your appreciation for the game.

Happy tapping!


  • ndeeka
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    MamaLuck wrote:

    I feel that if I came on here to publicly express a dissatisfaction, I also should be fair and express my gratitude when customer service is addressed.

    So, thank you, EA. Job well done. :-)
    That's a very nice gesture. :thumbup:
  • Almondo1966
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    Nice to balance out some of the negativity :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • SnarkTheCat
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    That is great!

    For me, I am really happy with the game changes since June 2014. They have done some fun events, changed a few things to make the game more fun and been more responsive when I have needed support.

    Thanks EA!
  • JimJ321
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    My name is Jim,but you are welcome! Happy tapping!
  • vibra5
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  • pollardfreek
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    Hear Hear! This is an excellent thread. Thank you Thank you EA! You guys really stepped things up and we are incredibly grateful.
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