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Re-Doing My Springfiield...Any Suggestions!?

There are loads of threads to do with what they have done with certain buildings, like: church, hosiptal, mapple store, barney bowlarama etc

The hospital one if you just search "Hospital" it will come up :) the others may be under "What have you done with..." etc etc

Hope that helps you :):mrgreen:


  • Romelwashere
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    Try organizing your buildings based on districts such as a residential area based on classes - brown houses representing the lower class, pink the medium and blue being the upper class - each house being better designed that the last - have community parks such as a pond with trees surrounding it and some benches - put the k-mark, bowling ally and the burger place within the design of your residential area to act as local stores. Try to design the roads and the placement for your buildings in a patterned format , making everything look organized :) Also, I did the exact same and it looks pretty - also try to have the school nearby and also you can have a downtown area - I'm currently working on my school and downtown area. Also, my next objective is to create a beach! Since theres some beach like decorations like the volleyball net and the lawn chairs lol

    Hope this helps! I would post a screenshot of my WHOLE springfield but don't know how.

    Oh one more thing, the nuclear plant and prison should be in a isolated place from civilization since they're considered a harm - maybe place them at the farthest point of your springfield.
  • Simpsons00001
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    For me, I usually have an idea of how I want to decorate and place some areas or buildings. I move everything to the bottom of the map, and then I start placing and decorating the buildings and places I have ideas for. That part of the redesign is easy. Next I start placing the buildings I don't have ideas for. Those buildings usually get moved/adjusted quite a bit, but that trial and error process usually creates some nice designs that become favorites and staples in my town. Whatever you do, wait to place a lot of decorations until you are SURE what location you want your building. It really sucks to place 20+ decorations, and then realize you want to move your building 10 squares over (or 5 squares, or 1 square). Good luck!

    edited to add: Use the link in my signature to find decorating ideas if you are stuck.
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