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Rejection Game/Rejection Therapy

So I decided I would try the rejection game this week. I had heard about this last year, finally decided I should give it a shot as a way better myself in multiple ways. From Wikipedia:

Rejection Therapy is a social self-help game created by Jason Comely where being rejected by another person or group is the sole winning condition. The player can attempt any kind of social rejection, or try a suggestion from one of the Rejection Therapy suggestion cards available. The game can be played for any length of time, although many undertake the 30 Day Challenge.[1]

The purpose of playing the game is to overcome the fear of rejection through controlled, forced exposure. By this means, players hope to adapt physically to the stresses of rejection.

So if anyone is interested I'm thinking about keeping a log on here of how my experiment goes. I started on Wedsnesday, here is a quick recap :

Day 1- After my doctors appointment I went up to a lady sitting on a curb. I asked her if she could tie my shoelaces for me (I had untied them prior.) Inithially she agreed (FAIL) As I put my foot on the curb she asked me if I knew how to tie my shoes, to which I replied yes. She asked me why I don't tie them myself. I said "should I?" She said yes and that she wouldn't tie my shoes for me (SUCESS) She shook her head in disbelief and said "wow" as I walked away.

Day 2-There was a group of women passing out literature in a park near my home. I walked over and struck up a conversation with them. At one point one of them asked me if I had any questions about the literature. I replied "As a matter of fact, would you rub my head?" She said she couldn't, she had a husband. I said thank you and walked away.

Day 3-This day was hard for me for some reason. I had a couple false starts, but I told myself that I COULD NOT chicken out. I then saw a middle aged woman and approached her. She had sunglasses on so I asked her if I may try them on. She gave me a simple no and walked away. It was so easy, I began to wonder why I had gotten so worked up in the first place.

Day 4-Went to Costco with my mother. While she was away looking for something, I grabbed a GIANT package of Bacon Bits and asked a nearby gentleman if he would purchase them for me. He asked why, to which I replied that he looked like a very nice person. He said he wouldn't.

So four days in and I've done some things and talked to people I never would have otherwise. I'm starting easily, but I plan to work my way up to much more difficult tasks beyond simple rejections; like making announcements over the PA at Wal Mart, Dancing in a random place, etc. I have always been quite introverted and shy so I am hoping this will help me to come out of my shell a bit. I've read of many people who swear by this and that it has helped them immensely in boosting their confidence. I've already noticed that I am much more at ease approaching strangers, so we shall see.

I think you should be filming these so we can enjoy them! :lol:


  • maryclaire1
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    edited April 2015
    Very interesting. I've never heard of this. I also think you should film them for us! :lol:
  • yukongirl123
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    edited April 2015
    You know what Jim would say....
  • pollardfreek
    786 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    Yes I knew people would want me to film this and reference Jim lol, but I want this to be as authentic as possible. I don't want the people I'm interacting with thinking this is for YouTube or something and changing how they would normally act. Plus I think a camera would make me feel better as well; the point of this exercise is to have myself feel vulnerable. Having said that, I may go to the mall sometime this week with my sister so maybe I'll have her take some pics or video from a distance.
  • Wijsheid
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    edited April 2015
    I once played a game at a self service buffet with a friend when I was younger. We had to get the most food on our plates from other peoples plates. That was fun
  • lynnmckenz82
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    edited April 2015
    I admire your courage, Pollard. I hope these exercises help you. I'm rather introverted myself, but I've learned not to be afraid of talking to people. I think in my case it just came with time.
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  • 9d51ca2b37f2d94f
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    Will you lend me $100 dollars?
  • pollardfreek
    786 posts Member
    edited April 2015
    moxxee wrote:
    Will you lend me $100 dollars?

    Lol thats actually one I'm planning on doing. There was a guy who did 100 days and that was one that he did, he has some YouTube vids.
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