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I had intended saving resources to get springfield market and then decide what i wanted. I dont know what im doing wrong though because i keep getting buildings crafted automatically without me asking. Is this a glitch or do i neex to turn something off? Btw it isnt automatically upgrading the monsarno building or squirter.
some of the items it automatically gives you. You have no choice but to accept it, I think.


  • Neglecterino
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    Are you attempting to scroll through the craftable items by swiping? Some people have reported that when they do that, they hit the craft button by mistake. Be very careful on that screen to only tap the left and right arrows to scroll.

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  • izabellatrix
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    You will receive 4 unique Monsarno buildings when you upgrade the main Monsarno building. Are those the ones you're talking about? They will then appear as craftable, but you get your first one of each for free. If you're getting any extra, you might be accidentally crafting them.
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    Upgrade first, then craft. You'll never craft all the things that are REQUIRED to complete the Event unless you upgrade:

    Monsarno: level 16
    Squirter: level 15

    I'm now getting gobs of crafting materials because I've done the upgrades. I have the Farmers Market and I'm on my way to the next TASK REQUIRED building.
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