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Its a wonderful knife or Italian villa?

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i got both at different times.
I prefer the Italian Villa though cause you get another "mansion" and you can put it by the beach or in your rich mansion district. :mrgreen:


  • roshigoth1
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    edited May 2015
    I like them both.

    Francesca juggles knives and walks a goat. She earns event currency as a criminal. The villa payout is every hour, and adds to Indolence.

    Gino plays with toys and stalks around with a knife. He earns event currency as a child, criminal, and k00k. The store pays out every 2 hours and, I believe, adds to Consumerism.
  • snowyriver32
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    edited May 2015
    I've bought both of them and I like the villa and Francesca much better :D
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