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If you got 15 donuts..

Id save them up for something bigger and better, most likely you will be disappointed with what you get


  • Lowjff783
    23 posts
    edited January 2013
    I remember one time I purchased a homer Buddha, It gave me a homer Buddha, then that gave me a burning bush... Now I just wait to get the mystery box at the end of the week lol. They're both a waste of donuts imo
  • rawmel3
    276 posts
    edited January 2013
    If you have 15 donuts I suggest you save it and eat one later 15 donuts is too much for one day.
  • stylie_steve
    9 posts
    edited January 2013
    Save 'em!

    I have had one good Homer Buddha which contained Hans Moleman but strangely that came form a end of week Mystery Box which contained a Hommer Buddha which contained Moleman.

    Think I have purchased 3 Homer Buddhas and only got a Burning Bush, Apple Tree and Bench w/ Blue Towel. So all in all a waste.
    21 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    Yeah, actually i tried homer buddha once before and i only got an apple tree.. I also tried mystery box three times, it gave me lemon tree, fences, and plants.. I guess the possibility is very small to get character out of these chances...

    Homer Buddha cost like 15 donuts. Even though most premium characters cost above it, we still get those cost below... what a scam... :(
  • rainwoo66
    38 posts
    edited January 2013
    Yeah just save the donuts. Don't spend them on Mystery Boxes or Homer Buddhas. I remember back when I just got the game and was naive, I bought a Homer Buddha, got a Mystery Box, and then got a bush.

    So yeah, don't risk it.
  • cjcccooper
    322 posts
    edited January 2013
    Save them something good is coming...
  • killeru666ba
    113 posts
    edited January 2013
    Save them and be mad that you are only 85 donuts away to buy something Cool !!!
  • anibhat202
    39 posts
    edited January 2013
    Maybe this can help? Great to see your odds of winning what you want to see if it is worth it or not. :wink:

  • HeyMumandDad
    108 posts
    edited January 2013
    Save them. Remember mystery boxes are 6 donuts so you would only get 2 with 3 donuts left over with your 15 donuts.
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