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Anyone playing TSTO on a Sony Xperia E4g?

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Zacabeb wrote:
I have an Xperia Z3 in for servicing, so I've gone back to my fickle Xperia S while I'm waiting. It runs the game okay, but has issues with memory leaks causing it to crash.

I've thought of getting a budget phone to replace the Xperia S as a backup, and while my Xperia Z3 is gone I'd need to run TSTO on it.

Is anyone playing the game on an Xperia E4g, and if so, how does the game run?

Hi. I don't know what that kind of phone is. I have an iphone and an iPad. It leads to happy tapping for me...so I wish you the same! Please let me know if you would like any delicious s'mores as I have made too many tonight.
Happy tapping!


  • Zacabeb
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    edited June 2015
    They're all part of Sony's lineup of Android phones, with the Xperia S being a bit long in the tooth.
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