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    MamaLuck wrote:
    Hi, I have a couple of questions about purchasing the Bart/Horse combo for those who have already purchased it. If you change Bart back into regular ol' Bart to do a normal task (such as skateboard), what happens with the horse? Does he still have tasks that he can do without Bart or does he need Bart to have a task assigned?
    Also, is he worth buying, in your opinion? I'm really tempted to get him although I recently blew a ton of donuts so he's gonna deplete my supply lol
    Thanks!! :-)

    Yes, he has tasks without Bart, they have these joint tasks:
    4 Ride Around Town
    12 Whip Around Town
    and he has these solo tasks:
    1 Eat Hay
    8 Check Out the Competition
    12 Be Cool
    24 Defend Steroid Allegations

    Also, a 16 hour one with the Twonicorn

    Jockey Bart solo tasks:
    1 Check the Race Schedule
    6 Go to School
    8 Sing the Jockey Song
    24 Avoid Bullies

    As for getting him, it depends on how much you really want him. It's a pretty decent deal to get a premium skin plus a fully tasked character for 100 donuts, but you could easily save those donuts for a more iconic character (Rex Banner with Nighthawks Diner at 90 donuts is a better deal in my opinion, but I really loved that episode).

    They both play as characters in tap ball, not together, as I suspected.
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  • MamaLuck
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    Thanks so much for the info! :-)
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