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More suggested improvements...

Of course this has already been mentioned before, but it's always good that people repeat it once in a while. Let's hope EA reads it at some point and we get the good changes.


  • hankscorpio23
    621 posts Member
    edited July 2015

    Would we welcome a better inventory management system? Of course, but recall when there was no system except one long stretch of all items in alphabetical order. Those were the technology dark ages.

    I'm actually not in favor of a zoom out feature.

    I played the FG game for a while which zooms out much more. I found Quahog to be a muddle mess of tappable coins over non descript buildings - nothing pretty. TSTO is greatly detailed and a much better town builder and I think we lose that perspective if we are able to zoom out for the sake of tapping.

    Although I understand that if I don't want to zoom out I don't have to and I'm just spoiling the fun of those that do want it. My apologies in advance.
  • XBL-Heretic
    1228 posts Member
    edited July 2015
    Although I understand that if I don't want to zoom out I don't have to and I'm just spoiling the fun of those that do want it. My apologies in advance.

    OH, way to go, Scorpio! If you're not destroying a bridge, battling the government, or taking over the East Coast, you're ruining everyone's fun by not allowing a zoom out feature. Well, at least you offer Free Dental and Partner Benefits! :D
  • KillaSqirl
    1763 posts Member
    edited July 2015
    I'm with Hank, the current inventory system is great. The only thing I think they need to do there is make sure new items are correctly categorized so we don't see the "I lost my new object/check your full inventory" threads.

    I'm kind of on the fence about zooming out. The game already stretches hardware resources for many devices and I can imagine zooming out further could cause additional lag/crashing. A better solution to making collections simpler would be a "collect all" button (or series of buttons). It would also be awesome if they made a whole town pic type feature. Like going into options and tapping a button to request a pic or pdf emailed to the address on the account. That way the server fulfills the request rather than your device.
  • ElBarto0o
    30 posts Member
    edited July 2015
    I guess I'd just like to clarify that zooming out wouldn't be for the sake of collecting more money at once for me since I hardly tap on my buildings anyway.

    It might be because I alternate from playing on iphone and ipad, and I always get frustrated when I play on the ipad because everything seems super big and magnified and whenever I try to zoom out it just never feels like it's zoomed out far enough. I have no problem with the current zoom out magnitude on my phone though, but yeah especially for the sake of rebuilding my springfield it would be a lot more useful to be able to see more of my town at once.

    Also, maybe I don't really understand all the inventory categorizations haha is there a list somewhere of what items are under which category? Either way, with the number of items we have now, I still think the best thing for them to do is just have the inventory screen bigger so you can see more items at once.
  • 112789b
    158 posts Member
    edited July 2015
    Some items need to be rescaled, and every property with an animation should have a character with a task to go there, Giuseppe just got a 2nd 24 hour task yet Sequel Stop and the Bad Dream House have none, it doesn't make any sense.
  • efin98
    5856 posts Member
    edited July 2015
    More subcategories in the inventory. Anything to get at what we are specifically looking for is needed more than a zoom out.
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