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Never got monorail update prompt... GRRRR!

Hey guy. Sounds like you are having troubles. Oh golly. Well, there isn't an in game prompt for major updates of this caliber. So no need to misunderstand. Jeesh


  • AwesomeMallis
    1104 posts
    edited August 2015
    So you got the update in the end right?
  • ilenkasrieste
    10 posts
    edited August 2015
    This happened to me as well. I just got the update today, when there are only three days left on the Act 1. I log in everyday but never got the update. I am really dissapointed because I wouldnt mind losing a couple of days but right now is almost impossible to unlock all the prizes.
  • Lusmo
    55 posts Member
    edited August 2015
    Was gonna post this in the main board but I don't want to clog everything up with my rant so I'm just putting this here. I play multiple times every day, but I never got prompted to download the update. It wasn't until I logged on today and everyone's talking about the monorail. Sure enough I went into the play store and there it is.
    ....and this is why you always check for updates on a daily basis.. Preferably 2-3 times per day..

    I have played this game, for more than 2 years, logging in 20+ times per day, and I have NEVER gotten an update warning...
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