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is there a way to zoom out more?

Pinch and pull?

( careful..I find that same advice can work wonderful or get you arrested depending on the situation. :? )


  • thebryturner
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    edited August 2015
    I got the new Note 5 and the game screen is easy to big.
    It only shows 3 things I have to do on the side and everything looks double the size.

    There a way to zoom out our make everything smaller so I can see more?

    The amount of zoom appears to be dependent on the device. The pinch and zoom on my Nexus 10 is different than on my Oneplus One. A friend of mine used TSTO to test the devices functionality. Because of the resources and zoom levels. Some would not work, he bought the Xperia tablet only because he liked Sony products. TSTO runs really smooth, but the pinch and zoom is bad. The zoom in (make things bigger) is awesome, but the zoom out (make things smaller) doesn't go very far and my Nexus 10 beats that.
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