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Level 57 ***WALKTHROUGH***

<hr/>FREEMIUM WALKTHROUGH<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/overpassdiner_menu.png"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/overpassdiner_menu.png?w=124&quot; /></a><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/unlock_oldjewishman.png"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/unlock_oldjewishman.png?w=80&quot; /></a>
Old Gray Marriage Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer: Happy Birthday, Dad!
Grampa: Another year has passed? Hot diggity! Take that, Death, my team of doctors, that fortune teller, and all sense of reason!
Homer: And to celebrate we're taking you someplace special.
Grampa: Last time you said that you took me to the Retirement Castle. And the time before that, you mugged me and left me in the woods.
Homer: I left you in the woods and THEN you got mugged. But this time, we're really taking you out for real. With all that money we got from mugging you.
Grampa: So where are we going? The Gilded Truffle? El Chemistri?
Homer: Even better - a greasy roadside diner! Wait, did I say better? I meant much worse.

Task: Build Overpass Diner
Task: Make Simpsons Family Dine at the Overpass Diner [x5]
Time: 1h
Location: Overpass Diner
Characters: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Grampa

Homer: Look dad, it's your friend... the crazy old guy.
Grampa: Who? Jasper Beardly? Hans Moleman?
Homer: No, the other one. The one who isn't quite important enough to warrant having a name.
Grampa: Why! I haven't seen you around for ages. I assumed you died!
Old Jewish Man: Technically I did... several times! But it takes more than a couple strokes to stop Ol' What's-My-Name!

Old Gray Marriage Pt. 2

Old Jewish Man starts

Old Jewish Man: I have to admit I've been lonely ever since my wife passed on. Sometimes I just walk around in her heels and pearls.
Grampa: To keep her memory alive?
Old Jewish Man: Sure, let's go with that.
Grampa: Why don't you move in with me? It'll cure your loneliness, and I'll have someone to wake me from my night terrors.
Old Jewish Man: Good idea! Us old fogeys gotta stick together -- we're a dying breed you know!

Task: Make Old Jewish Man Change Rooms in the Retirement Castle
Time: 24h
Location: Retirement Castle

Old Gray Marriage Pt. 3

Old Jewish Man starts

Old Jewish Man: This one's to keep my heart working. This one's to keep my liver functioning. These just keep me alive. Where are all my fun pills?
Homer: So Dad, for the rest of your birthday I thought I'd take you to the movies. Or just go to the movies myself using your senior discount and let you sit in the car.
Grampa: No can do, sonny, I've got plans tonight.
Old Jewish Man: Yeah, Abe and I are going to the drive-in. We'll see a movie AND sit in a parked car.
Grampa: We're a regular Odd Couple. He's the old, deaf one with a bad memory.
Homer: And which are you?
Grampa: Huh? What are you talking about?
Old Jewish Man: I've got a pill to help rememberin'! And a pill to help spice things up in the bedroom! And a pill to help find the bedroom!

Task: Make Old Jewish Man Sort Through Pills
Time: 8h

<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/shotgunpetes_menu.png"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/shotgunpetes_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
Old Gray Marriage Pt. 4

Old Jewish Man starts

Old Jewish Man: I can't find my Jammitin pills! Now I'll never be able to hold hands with a woman while sitting in separate outdoor bathtubs.
Grampa: Keep your filthy fantasies to yourself! And even if you find your pills, where will you find a woman?
Old Jewish Man: Hey! I've got women following me around everywhere! Helping me in and out of chairs, wearing white, giving me pudding.
Grampa: Those are nurses, you idiot! And most of them are men.
Old Jewish Man: Oy, I miss having a wife -- the conversation, the living together, the helping me out of bed at night to pee.
Grampa: I do all those things.
Old Jewish Man: And then there's the tax break.
Grampa: Well, we don't have that... but maybe we could. You and I could get married!
Old Jewish Man: What?! You mean like a gay marriage?
Grampa: Why not! Gay guys have been fakin' straight marriages since the New Deal! We could be straight guys in a gay marriage!

Task: Build Shotgun Pete's
Task: Make Grampa Get Gay Married to Old Jewish Man
Time: 12h
Location: Shotgun's Pete
Requires: Old Jewish Man

Homer: My dad's marrying a man? On the one hand I should be sad because my entire childhood has been a lie.
Homer: But on the other hand, weddings mean cake!
Bart: I'm fine with gay marriage, but OLD gay marriage? Yuck.

Old Gray Marriage Pt. 5

Old Jewish Man starts

Old Jewish Man: Now that we're married, I suppose one of us should be the breadwinner.
Grampa: I'm banned from the Lucky Loaves bakery/casino since they caught me counting breadsticks, so it'll have to be you.
Old Jewish Man: I guess I can dust off my old vaudeville act.
Old Jewish Man: Probably should update a few references' how old's the Lindbergh baby these days?
Grampa: I'll be waiting here for when you come back! Gosh, it's nice to have someone to wait for other than death!

Task: Make Old Jewish Man Drop Pants for Change
Time: 4h
Task: Make Grampa Sit in the Kitchen
Time: 4h
Location: Retirement Castle

System Message: Old Jewish Man can now perform his act on the Open Air Stage.
<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/untitled-2.png"><img class="alignnone wp-image-95426 size-full" src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/untitled-2.png&quot; alt="Untitled-2" width="368" height="121" /></a>

Old Gray Marriage Pt. 6

Old Jewish Man: These kids today are mean. The crowd pelted me with organic tomatoes. So plump and juicy, they really splat when they hit your face.
Grampa: Well, did you bring any home? We're on a fixed income.
Old Jewish Man: No but I did get the hot volunteer's phone number. She's getting slip bars installed in her hot tub.
Grampa: What! I'm starting to think you aren't taking this sham marriage seriously!
Old Jewish Man: I can't live like this! I'm going to say something I never thought I'd say – I want a divorce cobunkulous.
Old Jewish Man: Oy, I think that last bit might have been a stroke.

Task: Make Grampa and Old Jewish Man Get Divorced
Time: 24h
Location: Court House
Requires: Old Jewish Man

Old Jewish Man: Single and ready to…
Old Jewish Man: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Old Gray Marriage Pt. 7

Old Jewish Man starts

Old Jewish Man: Abe! It's been forever! How's life been treating you?
Grampa: Can't complain! Except that I've been a little lonely. And I have what the doctors are calling super shingles.
Old Jewish Man: I'm lonely myself. Got out of a relationship recently, I think.
Grampa: Maybe we should move in together.
Old Jewish Man: Or better yet, let's get married! The tax breaks would be a real boon.
Grampa: What a great idea! I can't believe I've never thought of it before. Those savings will help pay for these bills I've been getting from a divorce lawyer.

Task: Make Old Jewish Man Move Into The Retirement Castle
Time: 24h
Location: Retirement Castle

On job start:

Jasper: Does this sham marriage need a sham mistress?
System Message: Take a look at the Community Center and find out what Jasper wants. Complete his quests to find out!

<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/shotgunpetes_menu.png"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/shotgunpetes_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
Shotgun Wedding

Rev. Lovejoy starts

Rev. Lovejoy: Hm, the collection plate's a little shallow this week.
Rev. Lovejoy: And the church -- more specifically the engine on the model train I keep in the basement of the church -- is in need of repairs.
Rev. Lovejoy: Maybe I can make a little extra scratch on the side... honeymoon-lighting.

Task: Make Reverend Lovejoy Officiate Quickie Marriages
Time: 2h
Location: Shotgun Pete's

<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/centerforgeriatricmedicine_menu.png"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/centerforgeriatricmedicine_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
Geriatric Medicine

After completing Old Gray Marriage Pt. 7 Old Jewish Man starts

Old Jewish Man: Doc, you've got to help me start some tingle in my dingle. And stop the tingle in my bladder.
Dr. Hibbert: You came to the right place! We've got pills for just about everything as long as it's not life threatening and you're not poor!
Jasper: Do you have something to stop the phantom pain in my wooden leg?
Dr. Hibbert: No but I've got some bees wax varnish that will give it a lovely shine.

Task: Build Center For Geriatric Medicine
If the user has Jasper: Task: Make Old Jewish Man Retrieve a Box of Pills
Task: Make Jasper Retrieve a Box of Pills
Time: 10h
Location: Center For Geriatric Medicine<hr/>NEW TAVERN ON THE SCREAM QUEST<hr/><a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/tavernonthescream_menu.png"><img src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/tavernonthescream_menu.png?w=150&quot; /></a>
A Day in the Knife Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer: Why'd you bring me to Krustyland? Keg explosion at the Duff Pavilion?
Bart: I want to get an unhappy meal at Tavern on the Scream.
Bart: It comes with a figurine of dead Scratchy regretting he'll never get to see his kids grow up.
Homer: But we'd have to build it first!
Bart: Can't we just make some other schmuck do it?
Homer: Ooh, good idea!

Task: Build the Tavern on the Scream

Reward: 20 Krustyland Tickets 10 XP

A Day in the Knife Pt. 2

Krusty starts

Krusty: Hyeh-heh-heh-heh-heh! So who's hungry?
Krusty: Try Tavern on the Scream! So good you might just lose your head over it!

Task: Make Homer Eat at the Tavern on the Scream
Task: Make Bart Eat at the Tavern on the Scream
Time: 3h
Location: Tavern On The Scream

On job start:

Homer: I love the fake names on this menu.
Homer: Guts-pacho soup...
Homer: Spine-akopita...
Homer: Intestine spaghetti and spleenballs.
Homer: Waiter, do you have a recommendation?
Squeaky Voice Teen: I suggest the Salmonella-tainted Chicken.
Homer: Such a funny fake name.
Squeaky Voice Teen: That one's not fake.

Reward: 20 Krustyland Tickets 10 XP<hr/>ROSH HASHANAH<hr/>Rosh Hashanah

Auto starts on September 13 (Expires September 16 at 9am BST)
Doesn't require Level 57 or any character unlocked, only Level 5

Old Jewish Man: Rosh Hashanah already?
Krusty: Yay, Jewish New Year! Quick, find me a woman who doesn't have a sexual harassment lawsuit against me to kiss.
Old Jewish Man: No you fool. Rosh Hashanah isn't that kind of holiday!
Old Jewish Man: We should make sure to celebrate by adding some sweetness to today!
Old Jewish Man: For example, today I'll trade my regular bagels for dessert bagels.
System Message: Here's a special gift of 15 donuts. Honey glazed!
<a href="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/rh.png"><img class="alignnone wp-image-95606 size-full" src="https://tstotopix.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/rh.png&quot; alt="RH" width="368" height="121" /></a>
Reward: 15 Donuts
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