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The game now takes too much time...

I'm only playing this event for the Monorail. If it wasn't for that, I would probably give it up because it is getting a bit too time consuming for me.


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    Yep, this is why there's a bazillion "Please give us 'collect all' and 'assign all' button" threads. Those would fix the problem right quick!
  • 0_yommmi
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    And i forgot to include also assigning characters to tasks... It is taking me over an hour (without visiting neighbors) during my first visit of the day these days (times many time i have to log on to assign task clear possums etc...). They have really recently changed their tactics to expectations to very frequent logins. This is probably why their servers keep crashing. Also every character in the rail tasks are animated, taking up extra resources. We need them to space out again so that we can play the game peacefully without crash bugs etc.
  • Shirtless_Willie
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    Honestly this seems more like the problem is you're impatient to rush through and do everything available as fast as possible. Yes, the game has a lot available to do, but its not a race. You don't have to do every single thing possible as fast as you can.

    Unless you're getting nothing but metal projects there's no reason to come on so often for the monorail. Push it to 3+ hours so you can collect and reset all 3 recycling plants at once.

    House farm is your own problem so you can't really blame the game for that. Either be patient enough to build up money more gradually like most people or put up with clearing the house farm you built up.

    You can slack off on visits a bit . Personally I only do mine as the last thing I do in the game for the day and I only do them until the game crashes/freezes when changing between towns.

    What's the rush for SH? Its not going anywhere. Limit how much work you put in there each day or even skip it all together until the monorail is done.

    Basically it all comes down to stop overloading yourself by trying to do everything at once. Just because so many different things are available doesn't mean you have to do them all right now. I'm somewhere in the upper 30's for my level with my story progress about 10 levels behind that. I'm working on my main town progress, building up Squidport, Krustyland, and Springfield Heights all while doing the monorail, but I'm doing it at a much more relaxed pace so it doesn't feel like work. Monorail is the only thing with a clock running so I put the most effort into that. I collect the recycling, turn in projects, and start collecting the next bunch of recycling every few hours or when ever I think of it when I have some downtime. I keep all my other townspeople on 4 hour or longer tasks and I use the time when I'm refilling the dump to collect and send them out again as well as collect the money from buildings. Main town and Squidport I just keep track of the cheapest building I need to build and if I hit that amount I start it and figure out the new cheapest one to save for. Short of character specific tasks Krustyland is done entirely with the tickets generated by the rides and NPC visitors. SH I do as much, or as little, as I feel like doing each day. Once the monorail event ends I'll go back to putting more effort into everything else until the Halloween event starts.
  • barryriddl474
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  • 0_yommmi
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    I understand your point. But I'm at max level with lots of characters just to assign. And my point is based on: the monorail isn't going to be finished. It is going to be there and we have to continue working hard on assigning everyday if we want those 5 donuts... Alright maybe I'm more a completionist. But their characters also share with SH. So if monorail never ends, i will never get my characters to SH, or i can with half speed... Like over a year... Just feel if EA can balance it a bit, with some short some long tasks (not so many short), and no shared characters for those tasks (like overlap in monorail and SH), it will be a lot more enjoyable, without it disrupting too much of a normal life. I suppose as school starts, even those who had the time to grind SH to billionaire may have a bit less time to log on every few minutes.
  • dubhe1313
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    I would really like to see long term option to all the SH tasks...even if it's for disminishing returns. I'm not in a huge hurry but I like to have my toons busy for the most part while I'm away. Right now I haven't got the time to repeatedly cycle the guys in SH so it's being ignored for now.
    The 30 second pick up junk task doesn't seem so bad. I guess because once the dump is full it's full for at least an hour during the shortest duration recycling cycle and you can start everyone left that's not recycling on hour long tasks.
  • Gary_A_D
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    I had house farms off and on to get as much in game cash as possible. It's nice sometimes to have the house farm, since EA bumped up the prices on everything. I never had a problem shuffling between everything, including events, and visiting my friends each day. Springfield Heights, isn't going anywhere. It's not an event, is a leisurely project. I have one person on my friends list that hasn't even started on SH yet. There is no rush on it. It wouldn't be the end of the world if you didn't make the deadline on an event, unless, you're obsessed like I am. I'm basically retired, so, I do have plenty of time to work on my game.

    I always used the white houses for my house farms. You only need to tap them every 12 hours, and I built up quite a lot of cash. Maybe you just need to slow down, and smell the roses, or, you could always have a friend or family member do specific tasks while you're at work.
  • cdepast
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    Back when this was a casual non addictive game and the tag line was "not life ruiningly fun."
  • vkvale135
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    When I feel like that I put all but basic characters on 24 hour jobs and only do basic event maitanence. At this point it takes about 20 minutes to collect and assign everyone to a new task and about 45 min to make it all the way through my friends list. Most days I do 2 eight hour rotations and either a 1 or a 4 and I'm only on 3 times most weekdays, certainly not hourly and have no trouble keeping up with events. The only event I didn't make the final prize for was the stone cutters and that was because I hadn't figured out yet that I needed more than the few real world friends who play the game. I have quit games that I loved for a really long time because they started feeling like a job that I had to do as opposed to something I do for fun so I have been very conscientious about not letting that happen with this one. The point of making things more complex is to give the high level players who are "done" something to do, and the point of timed events is to increase our sense of urgency pressure and therefore stress thus increasing the odds of more people buying premium currency and using it to keep up. If you are already "done" anything that isn't timed can wait, and while those bonus donuts will be lovely, we have all been playing this long without them, so if some weeks you don't get them it isn't the end of the world, it will maybe just take a week longer to save up for your next purchase. Although the game wants to be life ruiningly addictive, we can all choose whether or not we let it. I hope you are able to find a way to get what you love from this game and keep it manageable as it becomes more complex, because I still miss my restaurant, my farm and my mafia sometimes, but not the way I felt about them when I quit and even though it's been over 2 years since I quit the last of the 3, my stress still spikes when I think about maybe logging back in just to see what's going on now. I hope that I have become smarter and that I never feel that way about tapped out, and I hope you don't either.
  • Dahoun11
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    You're right it definitely does take too much time. I was hoping someone has the spare time to redesign my whole town? In exchange I can give you money/donuts/missing items/characters etc. Thank you
  • mengoni
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    Jeeze first world problems and what not.
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