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what is the most efficient way to max out springfield heights?

I focused on Modern Mansions first, and got those to max level. I sorta liked that they still looked the same and I could store the additional pieces at the time. Even though I hit the billion mark, my SH is a mess too.


  • Hugemember1
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    I was wondering this myself. Although I have a few of everything, I cant seem to break that 200mil mark, and have stuff everywhere too!

  • MaxxSpider
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    i think the best way is to upgrade your buildings
  • Hugemember1
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    MaxxSpider wrote:
    i think the best way is to upgrade your buildings

    LOL - Not sure if this is sarcasm, but the original poster was asking about the most efficient way to do this. I find I update 1 thing to level 5 and it takes 2-3 days to replenish the items used, especially when they use the gold statues and pills. because each statue requires 2 pills it takes ages to refill them
  • jukan00
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    I'm gonna agree with mathumster385. Sandwedgeking put me onto this as well. The modern mansions are the easiest and you basically stick with pills most of the time and the finally payout is like 21 million. I got to Ziff Mansion so far with no small help from them.
  • toddestan
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    If you get your modern mansions and classic mansions to level 5 you get all your additional pieces and can start to decorate. The parking garages, business centers, and condos don't have the extra pieces so you don't have to worry about them taking up more room as you upgrade them.

    With that said, my SH is a mess as there simply isn't enough room for everything without spreading it into Springfield (which I don't really want to do). I did design a classic mansion area but the rest is still kinda just packed in there.
  • MonsterMazh
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    Springfield Heights Quests
    The bad news is that in order to reach the billion, you need to upgrade a lot of buildings....

    So here is the technical information:

    Deluxe Condo
    Level 1 = 200,000
    Level 2 = 500,000
    Level 3 = 1,100,000
    Level 4 = 3,100,000
    Level 5 = 7,100,00
    Total = 12 million
    So ten = 120 million

    Valet Parking
    Level 1 = 400,000
    Level 2 = 1,000,000
    Level 3= 2,200'000
    Level 4= 6,200,000
    Level 5 = 14,200,00
    Total = 24 million
    So ten = 240 million

    Business Centre
    Level 1= 500,000
    Level 2= 1,250'000
    Level 3= 2,750,000
    Level 4= 7,750,000
    Level 5= 17,750'000
    Total = 30 million
    So ten = 300 million

    Classic Mansion
    Level 1= 300,000
    Level 2= 750,000
    Level 3= 1,640,000
    Level 4= 4,630,000
    Level 5= 10,600,000
    Total =17,920,000
    So ten 179.2 million

    Modern Mansion
    Level 1= 600,000
    Level 2= 1,500,000
    Level 3= 3,290,000
    Level 4= 9,260,000
    Level 5= 21,190,000
    Total = 35,840,000
    So ten 358.4 million

    So if you have ten of each building at level 5 you would have 1,197,600 Billion (which is more than you need).

    The easiest buildings I have found are the modern mansion and deluxe condo. The Business Centre needs a lot of resources (125 pills and 50 Awards) to move from level 4 to 5 - so I have only upgraded one to level 5.

    Decorations help..... And I have quite a few gold Palm trees...

    Good Luck!
  • chud3
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    thanks everyone - this is great info!!
  • roshigoth1
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    In the end, I upgraded all 10 of each type of mansion to level 5 (no reason not to). I upgraded 6 each of the rest of the buildings to level 5 (with one of each of the other 4 at levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively). Just in case I wanted to use a lower-level style. With the various decorations I got along the way, that brought me just short of 1 billion. Because it was really slow going with just decorations, I broke down and upgraded my level 4 valet parking to level 5 (giving me 7 of those), which bumped me to 1 billion.

    Personally, although it was a huge mess, I chose to buy 10 of each building first, for the quick boost in value the purchase of the buildings brought. Then I upgraded them as I went along, storing the lower levels I wanted to save first, and then the others as I hit level 5. I didn't stick with a rigid order for upgrading, just whatever I had the materials to do, but I think it worked out to: Condos first, then first couple levels of valet parking, then the modern mansions, then the classic mansions, then the valet parking, then the business centers. My original plan was 2 each of the lower level buildings, so when I saw that wasn't gonna get me where I wanted, I went back and upgraded one of each of the lower levels to level 5.

    Not the most efficient way, but I managed to chug through it at a fairly reasonable pace, and I never felt like I wasn't making progress. I just hated the grind.
  • cdepast
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    just keep tapping

  • ForumNerds
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    roshigoth1 wrote:
    Personally, although it was a huge mess, I chose to buy 10 of each building first, for the quick boost in value the purchase of the buildings brought.

    Agreed! I definitely started out with buying as many of each building as possible, as quickly as possible. I needed to get enough REV to unlock characters eligible to work in each category, and the first requirement for that is REV.

    Bought a whole passel of jet-skis along the way :):)

    I'd try to fill the materials up during the day as much as possible. Then I would do the actual "buying/building" of the buildings just before bedtime (so I didn't have to look at them) ;) I'd need to squish everything in SH over to the side as much as humanly possible, and store whatever SF buildings I could store if I needed to clear more space, and then 'buy' SH building after building after building all in the course of about five minutes, and put them as close together as possible. And go to bed.

    In the morning, they would all be ready to "complete", and I'd collect the REV and then put those buildings into storage (at Level One) ...

  • Mopurglar
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    I agree with everyone who says focus on upgrading buildings, especially Modern Mansions. Valet Parking is also efficient, but for future design purposes, it's better to set aside 1 for each level, IMO.

    In case it's helpful to anyone, I was bored a couple of months ago, and it was driving me crazy not knowing what to focus on, so I made a spreadsheet that calculates the number of real estate points earned per material cost. For the base materials, I assigned furniture a cost of 1, paper 3, and coffee 5, based on how valuable I thought each was. If you change these values, things will of course look different.
    Item					 RE Points		Cost	   Pts/Cost
    Deluxe Condo L1			   200,000		  15		13,333
    Deluxe Condo L2			   500,000		  15		33,333
    Deluxe Condo L3			 1,100,000		 165		 6,667
    Deluxe Condo L4			 3,100,000		 550		 5,636
    Deluxe Condo L5			 7,100,000		 495		14,343
    Classic Mansion L1		   300,000		  50		 6,000
    Classic Mansion L2		   750,000		 230		 3,261
    Classic Mansion L3		 1,640,000		 425		 3,859
    Classic Mansion L4		 4,630,000		 725		 6,386
    Classic Mansion L5		10,600,000		1500		 7,067
    Valet Parking L1		   400,000		  70		 5,714
    Valet Parking L2		 1,000,000		 240		 4,167
    Valet Parking L3		 2,200,000		 360		 6,111
    Valet Parking L4		 6,200,000		 450		13,778
    Valet Parking L5		14,200,000		 760		18,684
    Business Center L1		   500,000		 140		 3,571
    Business Center L2		 1,250,000		 265		 4,717
    Business Center L3		 2,750,000		 425		 6,471
    Business Center L4		 7,750,000		 725		10,690
    Business Center L5		17,750,000		3625		 4,897
    Modern Mansion L1		   600,000		 125		 4,800
    Modern Mansion L2		 1,500,000		 310		 4,839
    Modern Mansion L3		 3,290,000		 515		 6,388
    Modern Mansion L4		 9,260,000		 990		 9,354
    Modern Mansion L5		21,190,000		1190		17,807
    DELUXE CONDO TOTAL		12,000,000		1240		 9,677
    CLASSIC MANSION TOTAL	17,920,000		2930		 6,116
    VALET PARKING TOTAL		24,000,000		1880		12,766
    BUSINESS CENTER TOTAL	30,000,000		5180		 5,792
    MODERN MANSION TOTAL	35,840,000		3130		11,450
    As you can see, Modern Mansion and Valet Parking are tops, while Business Center and Classic Mansion are by far the least efficient.

    And the decos (below) give you significantly less bang for your buck. Hope that helps!
    Item				   RE Points   Cost   Pts/Cost
    Beach Front Escalier	 75,000		 50		1,500
    Springfield Hghts Gate	 75,000		 50		1,500
    Jet Ski					300,000		200		1,500
    Fancy Gold Tree			300,000		200		1,500
    Small Gold Plant		150,000		100		1,500
    Gold Palm Tree			200,000		150		1,333
    Fancy Tree				 15,000		 15		1,000
    Modern Art Statue		 36,000		 36		1,000
    Modern Solar Panel		 30,000		 30		1,000
    Classy Fountain			 22,500		 35		  643
    Fancy Gate				 60,000		100		  600
    Classic Garden			 30,000		 50		  600
    Modern Awning			150,000		250		  600
    Vineyard				 22,500		 65		  346
    Helicopter				 67,500		195		  346
    Fancy Wall				  3,000		 15		  200
    Small Plant				  1,000		  5		  200
    Gold Mailbox			 37,500		200		  188
    Solid Gold Brick Wall	  7,500		 40		  188
    Solid Gold Fence		 15,000		 80		  188
    Palm Tree 1				  4,500		 25		  180
    Palm Tree 2				  4,500		 25		  180
    Fancy Lampost			  5,000		 30		  167
    Fancy Fence				  1,500		 10		  150
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