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Game Stuck Monorail event Act3

your best bet is to probably log out of the game. force close the game and maybe re-install the game/app to your phone or tablet. try that and if it doesnt work out for you get ahold of EA support


  • ashaiwinte765
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    I've been having the same problem except the game wont let me tap or scroll around my Springfield at all after the tap to play screen it freezes and I am unable to play and put my characters on missions to make more money and get bells and whistles for the monorail tasks I have unistalled and reinstalled the game several times reset my phone turned my wifi on and off which was full and at the same point in the game since this morning it freezes after the tap to play screen and I am unable to do anything just this last time b/c I have been doing it throughout today waiting an hour or more in some cases until I try again I also noticed some of my donuts were missing I had 208 and came back to only 173 which is frustrating since the last time the donuts went missing I never got them back it would be different if I didn't pay for these donuts but thats not the case its only 2 days until the monorail yard is unavailable I need this problem fixed and my missing donuts back
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    Same issue! Anytime I tap a rat, a "thumbs-up", or any completed item at the dump/recycling centers it freezes! I've logged-out, removed/reinstalled app --- nothing works!
  • seanharry
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    What are your guises device specs?
    Ram Cpu etc.?
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