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When will we be forced to update?

I wish I knew too. I need over 15K B&W to get the rail yard. Right now it's 100 donuts more than I have. Also a freemium player. My prediction is that I'll have to update when I check in at lunch tomorrow, but that's just a feeling. I probably won't make it if that's true.


  • hughejars
    587 posts Member
    edited September 2015
    My device just updated (but I turned auto updates off :!: :? )
    My wife's not happy she was on the verge of getting the railway yard :evil:
    I think EA have really dropped one with this event and update :shock:
  • baxbooch
    214 posts
    edited September 2015
    I made it! I figured it would be about now I'd be forced to update. Knew if I could log in at lunch today id get the rail yard, but that was a big if. Sorry you guys didn't make it.
  • matildawr
    49 posts
    edited September 2015
    I'm actaully still colelctin B&W. I have about.. 10k or so left? im mostly trying to get the donut price down of the rail yard. Let it be known that i was at like 90k and only had the 8th price when the event was over.. :)
    Rail yard is now 95 donuts for me, but still playing :) hoping to get it down to at least 30 so i can buy it with my donuts. but getting it for free would be great.
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