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Which major event was your favourite?


  • ACE19711
    1110 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I enjoyed the SC event but it wasn't a top 5 for me though it's a popular event by many
    All the Xmas, thoh had the best prizes to be won as well as Easter and WD
  • drumnman
    1475 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I was most giddy during the Superheroes event (and voted for that), but admit to loving the Fight Club in the Terwilligers! Monorail would be a close 2nd.
  • GamerGD3
    3029 posts New member
    edited October 2015
    Having played them all, I had to go for truly fun event.

    That was Xmas 2012. A play at your own pace, collect coins, buy the prizes you want. Mapple Store, Barney, Try N Save - some classic and fun prizes. (Outside the Funzos...).

    I'd say Whacking Day started the grindfest type of events (Halloween 2013 excluded), and really required multiple times daily to get everything.

    The latest events are high on resource generation with caps, and turning that into other resources or meaningless currency.
  • woo345
    1 posts
    edited October 2015
    The Halloween event 2014 was my favorite event so far. I can't wait for this years Halloween event which should be very soon :D
  • Vedata123
    233 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    larsyuipo wrote:
    Halloween 2015
    That is my Favourite Event too XD
  • cmnplanet
    25 posts
    edited October 2015
    Been playing since August 2012, so I've been around for every event.

    Halloween 2013 was likely the best in terms of gameplay and new content.

    After that I'd say Stonecutters as a solid number two, likely followed by Superheroes.

    Christmas 2012 was likely the most rewarding with multiplier Reindeer and reasonable coins-for-prizes payouts, but the snow animation caused a lot of lag and was near unplayable towards the end. And they extended it, too.

    On the other end:

    Although it had some good content, Whacking Day was such a grind, I remember my thumbs hurting.

    Clash of Clones just didn't appeal to me.

    And Easter, well, yeah... so, so bad.
  • fizzbin71825
    239 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I voted for ToH 2013 because it was my first Halloween, and I think my favorite as far as game mechanics and look went. I liked the superheroes & terwilligers events, but I am not a big fan of the crafting/ingredient collecting that EA has been using recently. Worst event is easy...

    I don't get the hate for the ****. It wasn't great by any stretch, but I think in terms of tone, writing, and prizes it was solid and as close to creating an actual episode as they could get. It was a nice parody, something the show does so well. Far from perfect, but still fun IMO.
  • direwolf987
    7450 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Voted for Whacking Day as my favorite event for the game. However, Whacking Day Event was a nightmare for the forum. There were so many Egg requests it was almost unbearable to come here. I can't remember if the was before the forum was awarded moderators or not.

    THOH 2012 was a nice surprise and gets a close second.
  • Rosshk
    729 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Halloween 2013 -> Christmas 2012 -> Whacking Day -> Halloween 2012.
  • empathy77
    4191 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    4 people picked Easter?

  • GamerGD3
    3029 posts New member
    edited October 2015
    Christmas 2012 > Halloween 2012 > Stonecutters > Halloween 2013 > Terwilligers 2015 > Christmas 2013 > Clash of Clones 2014 > Tap Ball 2015 > Monorail 2015 > Halloween 2014 > Superheroes 2015 > Whacking Day > Easter

    A few notes:
    Easter was the horrible random box idea.
    Whacking Day was a super time intensive grind fest (despite the awesome prizes - it made the game a "chore")
    Superheroes - there was literally no story in between the massive grind of 3 prizes per phase - very boring.
    Halloween 2014 - To much grinding for resources, way too many surplus of other resources - had to craft prizes.
    Monorail - overall ok, really hated the daily limit
    Tap Ball - overall ok, interesting game mechanic - expensive prizes from crafting
    Clash of Clones - overall was fun - loved random town visit, laid back and easy approach
    Christmas 2013 - fun visual task for the entire town shopping, while it introduced the dreaded wheel - I had no problem acquiring prizes
    Terwilligers - loved the use of many characters to send to gather resources - great characters, fun prizes
    Halloween 2013 - loved the laid back easy approach to finish. Overall fun event.
    Stonecutters - great prizes, fun daily puzzles
    Halloween 2012 - able to buy the desired prizes, fun friend visit mechanics
    Christmas 2012 - able to buy the desired prizes, introduced the awesome winter theme, coin collection was pretty standard and easy to do.
  • 00-marco_rosas
    656 posts
    edited October 2015
    We haven't had one of these threads in a while!! I'm surprised it took us this long but I guess we were all preoccupied with the events and activities.

    Everything between Christmas 2013 and Superheroes was forgettable for me. I know there are a lot of Stonecutters fans but that event literally brought me 0 useful buildings or decorations. The Daycare Center is bizarre and I can't make the Lounge fit anywhere. It's unfortunate how Halloween is always hyped up but THOH 2014 only brought me that crazy Rigellian Queen aspirational.

    Superheroes was clearly the best for me this year. I liked many of the new buildings and decorations. Terwillgers and Tap Ball just really burned me out with endless crafting for useless prizes I didn't care for. Monorail brought me back into the game. I like a lot of the buildings from this event (like the recycling centers) and the simple mechanics.

    I enjoyed Springfield Heights as well but that was more of an expansion and less of an event. The decorations were very relevant. Overall for me:

    Superheroes > Springfield Heights > Christmas 2013 > Halloween 2013 > Monorail > everything else
  • TolerancEJ
    94 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    My favorite was the Super Heroes Event. I also enjoyed Halloween 2014, Christmas 2014, Stonecutters, and the Monorail Event.
  • ephphoneapps
    4070 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    I have enjoyed all of them. I voted for Tap Ball because it was very... rewarding :mrgreen:
  • bluyoshi88810
    1455 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    BEST - (Tie)Superheroes for the concept or ThoH 2013 because it was my first event.

    WORST - Clash of Clones mainly because it was boring and went on forever.
  • empathy77
    4191 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    THOH 2013 was my first event, and to this day remains my most favorite event.
  • Simuks0803
    87 posts
    edited October 2015
    Man, no one seems to like the Easter 2014 event! But why? I got the Blocko store, Johnny Fiestas, Banana dictatorship and Hugs Bunny! That was an awesome event!
  • LPNintendoITA
    11660 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    THOH 2012-13, Xmas 2012-13, Whacking Day
    My Youtube and Twitch / WikiSimpons Current Event Page and Discord
  • EldarOfSuburbia
    307 posts
    edited October 2015
    Stonecutters (tons of great, now Premium, costumes/jobs, fun tasks, not too demanding or time-consuming) > Superheroes (loved the cut-scenes, costumes, crafting is still meh to me though) > Tap Ball (fun quests, and I liked the mini-game, wish we could still play it).
  • Surfcitygal
    1268 posts Member
    edited October 2015
    Simuks0803 wrote:
    Man, no one seems to like the Easter 2014 event! But why? I got the Blocko store, Johnny Fiestas, Banana dictatorship and Hugs Bunny! That was an awesome event!

    It's true the prizes for Easter 2014 were great! But the random mechanics of trying to get them with those pink and blue Easter bags was horrible.

    When the voting is done I'm guessing that there are more new forum members than oldtimers, so the most recent events will get the most votes. :D
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